Multidisciplinary Prostate Cancer Virtual Visits

virtual visitsThree experts typically weigh in on a prostate cancer patient’s care plan – a urologist, medical oncologist and radiation oncologist. For the patient, that could mean three separate visits, possibly in different offices, over the course of several weeks.

Hartford HealthCare’s Tallwood Urology & Kidney Institute and Cancer Institute collaborated to make the process easier with virtual visits that bring all three specialists together for a single, two-hour session that you can join from the privacy and convenience of home.

Working with our nurse navigators, you can choose from two options:

  • An all-virtual meeting you join from home. This is a good option for second opinion consultations if you live far from our offices.
  • An in-person consultation with a urology cancer specialist, who then brings in radiation and medical oncology specialists virtually during the office visit.

By the end of your visit, you will know the recommended next steps and can work with the nurse navigator to take them.


Determining the best prostate cancer treatment is a “multidisciplinary” process, meaning it involves the skills and professional opinions of providers who have different expertise. Our multidisciplinary virtual visits include four consecutive, 30-minutes sessions with:

  • A urologist specializing in prostate cancer surgery who discusses your cancer diagnosis and available treatment options, including minimally-invasive robotic prostatectomy.
  • A radiation oncologist who reviews and recommends state-of-the-art radiation therapies.
  • A medical oncologist who provides perspective on treatments for advanced prostate cancer, precision medicine and genetics.
  • All three specialists at the same time to explain their recommendation for treatment based on your specific needs. They will also answer any questions you have. Our nurse navigator then helps you follow up on the options discussed.

Our team

We offer multidisciplinary prostate cancer virtual visits in Fairfield County, Central Connecticut and the Hartford area. Our teams include:

Fairfield County

Central Connecticut

Hartford area

Schedule an appointment

If you have a new prostate cancer diagnosis, rising PSA level or signs of recurrence or progression after previous treatment, or if you need a second opinion, call us. You will need a computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone that can access the software needed to connect for the appointment.

  • Schedule an appointment in the central Connecticut area by calling nurse navigator Rachael Rheaume at 860.696.4974.

  • Schedule an appointment in the Hartford area by calling nurse navigator Susanne Carrier at 860.972.5768 or Candie St. Jean at 860.972.5808.

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