Special Education School
Nursing Department

Special Education SchoolWelcome to the nursing department of St. Vincent’s Special Education School

St. Vincent’s Special Education School is an amazing and fun place to play and learn. We want everyone to have the ability to come to school and have the best time possible. That means we need to keep our students healthy so that they can attend and learn every day.

Please keep your student home if they...

  • have a fever higher than 100.2
  • have been vomiting
  • have cold or flu symptoms
  • have had loose stools without use of a stool softener or laxative

If you have any questions at all about school nursing, medical intake, school health policies, or need assistance with any medical issue, call 203.386.2748 or email Kathryn Mitchell, administrator of school health, at kathryn.mitchell@hhchealth.org or Tammy Ciuci, RN, at tammy.ciuci@hhchealth.org.

Health forms:

Special Education School