Special Education School

Our School Program has been certified by the State Department of Education as an approved private special education program since 1960.

The school offers an alternative placement to school systems and families for children ages three to 21 with multiple developmental and/or medical needs such as cerebral palsy, autism spectrum disorders, acquired brain injury, seizure disorders, neuromotor diseases and/or medical conditions requiring nursing support services.

The student's tuition and transportation is funded by the LEA choosing, in concert with parents, to place him or her in the program.

A unique Snoezelen multi-sensory room is available to all students attending the Feroleto School and was developed as a learning environment, to address sensory needs, increase functional communication, develop fine and gross motor skills, de-escalate inappropriate behaviors, and increase overall desired behaviors.

The School is in session 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, for the 180-day school year and for six weeks in the summer to provide a 12-month continuum of educational instruction and therapeutic intervention essential to many students with special needs.

Special Needs Classroom
We offer a 12-month schedule, small, homogeneous classes, a high staff to student ratio, and a comprehensive, developmental and function based curriculum. Related services, including physical, speech and occupational therapy are provided on an individually prescribed basis as well as being integrated into classroom activities.

Our program’s objective is to provide each student individual instruction and support designed to facilitate learning in all developmental areas. For those able the goal is entry or return to his/her public school program. For all students the goal is to encourage learning and make every day a good day!

Our Medically Fragile Students
Full-time nursing staff is always on site to handle routine and emergency concerns, as well as provide medical monitoring and support.

A Medical Director, specializing in developmental pediatrics, provides support to the nursing staff and is available to provide consult to parents and local physicians.

Our Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders
At SVSNS, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality of services to children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Instruction for students with autism is guided by the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to reinforce desired behaviors which will ultimately help them grow and gain new skills.

Through these autism services, our emphasis is on creating functional activities that stress the use of powerful and on-going reinforcement systems while assuring students can effectively communicate and understand what is expected of them. Our belief is that every student is capable of learning and every interaction we have with a student is an opportunity to teach and learn.

Our state-of-the-art Autism suite consists of private learning areas, an Activities of Daily Living room, a kitchenette, a private bathroom with a shower and the main community room. All areas are designed for one-on-one learning to help promote communication and functional independent skills.

Call 203.375.6400 for more information about Autism Services.

Our Transition Services
A team of professionals will help to develop a transition plan for program opportunities after graduation. The transition plan is based on individual needs and take into account preferences and interests. Consideration is given to long-range goals and specific objectives for employment, post-secondary training, education, independent living skills, and/or community involvement.

St. Vincent’s Special Needs Services Adult Day Program located in Stratford is one option available to graduates.

Our Children’s Residential Services
Residential Services, in group home settings, may be available for students with complex medical needs requiring around the clock nursing services.

Keeping Students Healthy
St. Vincent’s Special Education School is an amazing and fun place to play and learn. We want everyone to have the ability to come to school and have the best time possible. That means we need to keep our students healthy so that they can attend and learn every day.

Visit our Nursing Department page to learn more.

Special Education School