Community Resources

We encourage families to become well-informed and empowered advocates for their child’s needs and, if able, in turn to use their personal experience to help other families advocate for their child.

We can suggest contacts that families may make if they wish to become more involved in working for the health and welfare of all children with disabilities and special health care needs on the local, regional and State level.

The following links will be helpful in finding information and services throughout the state:

Official Website for State of Connecticut

Connecticut Department of Public Health

(Title V Regional Medical Homes for Children with Special Health Care Needs)

Stamford Regional Office: 203.276.7552

Connecticut Department of Social Services

Bridgeport Regional Office: 203.551.2700

Husky Health Care Program

Phone: 877.284.8759

Connecticut Department of Developmental Services

Phone: 966.433.8192

Social Security Administration

Bridgeport Regional Office: 203.365.8452

Connecticut Autism Spectrum Resource Center

Phone: 203.265.7717

Connecticut Parent Advocacy Center (CPAC)

Phone: 800.445.2722

Connecticut State Education and Resource Center (SERC)

Phone: 860.632.1485

The Family Support Network (Southwest)

Phone: 203.556.7317

National Organization of Rare Disorders (NORD)

Phone: 203.744.0100

Special Needs Services