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Integrated Care Partners is a physician-led clinical integration organization that will play a critical role in improving how patient care is delivered.

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Integrated Care Partners is not an employed practice model, a program run by hospitals, physician employment or a practice-management service. It includes private-practice physicians as well as physicians employed by or associated with Hartford HealthCare. There is no enrollment fee.

If you are interested in more information or becoming an ICP Member please contact:

Sharon Goulet

You can also view our membership packet and browse announcements and newsletters under Health Professionals.

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Health care reform's requirements and insurance payers' demands are transforming the way that health care is delivered and providers are paid. We are moving from payment on a fee-for-service basis focused on volume to payment for patient outcomes based on quality and cost. To reduce costs and improve the health of populations, the new health care environment calls for a focus on wellness rather than treating illness. Health care delivery systems must be clinically integrated to be successful in this new environment and to provide the best possible care.

One definition of clinical integration is "a structured collaboration among physicians and hospitals to develop an active and ongoing program designed to improve the quality and efficiency of heath care" (Advocate Health Care). A clinically integrated organization is designed to remove barriers to the coordination of patient care. Clinical integration is a relatively new concept that is being employed more regularly across the country.

As a community of physicians, Integrated Care Partners defines performance objectives, quality standards and evidence-based medicine protocols; forges partnerships with health plans, employers and providers; and establishes requirements for participation – all with the ultimate goal of providing high-quality, coordinated patient care and improving the overall health of populations.

Integrated Care Partners is not an employed practice model, a program run by hospitals, physician employment or a practice-management service. It includes private-practice physicians as well as physicians employed by or associated with Hartford HealthCare. There is no enrollment fee.

Organizational Members

Physicians who are committed to engaging in an active program of clinical integration are invited to join Integrated Care Partners. The invitation extends to Hartford HealthCare-associated physicians, employed and in private practice, as well as community-based physicians who are not part of a Hartford HealthCare member organization.


To improve the health and healing of the people and communities we serve.


To be nationally respected for excellence in patient care and most trusted for personalized coordinated care.

Our Values

Hartford HealthCare's vision of excellence and leadership is driven by its core values, which are shared by all members of Hartford HealthCare.

Our goals are to:

  • Bring together all Hartford HealthCare physicians, both independent and employed.
  • Enhance already-established standards of patient-centered care and excellence.
  • Measure our success in meeting those standards and performing in the top decile.
  • Focus on improving the health of the populations we serve.
  • Shift the contracting focus from fee-for-service to a value-driven compensation model, rewarding high-quality, efficient care rather than volume.
  • Provide analytics and tools for physicians to improve quality and to succeed under value-based contracts.
  • Deliver value to consumers and employers.
  • Operate transparently and share data.
  • Forge partnerships with health plans, employers and providers.


Integrated Care Partners seeks to:

  • Be physician-led, patient-centered, quality-based and value-focused.
  • Practice using evidence-based medicine driven by shared data.
  • Deliver value for consumers and employers.
  • Forge partnerships with health plans, employers and providers. Align incentives so everyone is working together toward the same goals.


  • Establish evidence-based standards of care and hold members accountable to meet those standards.
  • Provide physicians with tools to capture and analyze performance data.
  • Identify opportunities for improvement and support practices in making those improvements.
  • Provide case-management support to practices for helping patients participate in meeting standards of care.
  • Contract for value-based compensation that rewards high-quality, efficient practice performance.

Physician Benefits

  • Rewards for high quality and initiatives.
  • Care-management support.
  • Capabilities to measure and monitor quality and performance.
  • Access to contracts and patients as preferred providers.
  • Tools to help drive better outcomes and succeed in the new world of payment for value rather than fee for service.
  • Financial support for IT investments.

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Patient Benefits

Patients benefit from the use of established standards of care in many ways, including:

  • One point of focus (the patient).
  • One source of patient information (integrated care record).
  • One standard of quality (defined by collaborating clinicians).
  • One population (everyone is focused on care improvement).

Accomplishments (FY 2016)

  • Expanded population management care coordination across our clinically integrated network of community providers, to assist practitioners in coordinating patient care.
  • Improved collaboration across the Hartford HealthCare system, for improved patient care experience.
  • Implemented weekly Lean for the Care Management team focused on improving patient outcomes.
  • Implemented clinical audit tools to ensure adherence to standard care management workflows.
  • Participated in and contributed to system congestive heart failure Kaizen to address standard work and reduce readmissions.
  • Implemented the PatientPING platform which identifies ICP patients for collaboration and coordinated care transitions to Hartford HealthCare sites from other hospitals, nursing facilities and home health agencies.
  • Implemented Crimson Medical Referrals (CMR) platform across 90+ practice sites to improve the bi-directional communication of patient care among primary and specialty care practitioners.
  • Expanded the HHC ACO participation and kicked off MIPS/MACRA education for calendar year 2017, which impacts payments in calendar year 2019.
  • In collaboration with the Orthopedic Council and key partners at Backus and MidState hospitals, kicked off the comprehensive care for joint replacement bundled payment program and defined governance structure.
  • Kicked-off the EPIC Healthy Planet Care Management platform training, for implementation in 2017.
  • More than 500 practitioners were credentialed through ICP to meet the NCQA regulations.
  • In collaboration with the Hartford HealthCare Behavioral Health Network, embedded behavioral health clinicians in more than a dozen Hartford HealthCare Medical Group and ICP affiliated primary care practices. In this patient cohort, increased access to behavioral healthcare resulted in improvements in patient health conditions, reduced Emergency Department utilization and inpatient admissions.