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  • Kangaroo Care for Your Baby and You

    Learn what kangaroo care is, how to do it, why it's important, and how it benefits both your baby and you.

  • NICU: Getting Ready to Take Your Baby Home

    Learn what you need to know and expect before your baby comes home from the NICU.

  • After the NICU: Caring for Your Baby at Home

    Learn what to expect and what you'll need to know to take care of your baby at home after the NICU.

  • Appendectomy: Before Your Surgery

    Learn what an appendectomy is and how the surgery is done.

  • COPD Action Plan

    Knowing how to treat your COPD can help you feel better and give you peace of mind. This is true for everyday care and for when your symptoms get worse. When your symptoms suddenly get much worse, it's called a COPD exacerbation, or a flare-up. Quick treatment at home may...

  • Swallowing Study

    A swallowing study is a test that shows what your throat and esophagus do while you swallow. The test uses X-rays in real time (fluoroscopy) and records what happens when you swallow. While you swallow, the doctor and speech pathologist watch a video screen. For a swallowing study, you will...

  • Thinking About Bilateral Mastectomy for Early-Stage Breast Cancer

    For years, studies have shown that for early-stage breast cancer, women who have breast-conserving surgery ( lumpectomy) followed by radiation treatments live just as long as women who have mastectomy. This was good news for women who wanted to avoid having their whole breast removed. In recent years, a growing...

  • Alzheimer's and Other Dementias: Coping With Sundowning

    People who have Alzheimer's disease or another dementia are sometimes easily confused. They may forget where they are, what day it is, and other common facts. Sundowning is a term to describe increased confusion that occurs in late afternoon and at night. The person gets restless at those times of...

  • Dementia: Assessing Pain

    The easiest way to learn about someone's pain level is to ask and get an answer. But when someone has severe dementia, communicating can be difficult. Memory problems can also get in the way. But there are ways you can assess pain with few to no words. The more you...

  • Partial Hip Replacement Surgery

    Covers surgery to replace the ball, but not the socket, of the hip joint. Looks at why it is done and how well it works. Discusses what to expect after surgery and living with a hip replacement.

Showing 1 - 10 of 4956

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