LIposomal Bupivacaine vERsus Adjuncts in Total shouldErs (LIBERATE) trial

LIBERATE is an IRB-approved single-center, randomized controlled clinical trial comparing use of standard bupivacaine local anesthetic with the adjuncts dexamethasone and epinephrine to extended-release liposomal bupivacaine (Exparel) in interscalene peripheral nerve blockade for total shoulder replacement patients. Exparel has been FDA-approved for use in brachial plexus nerve blockade at the interscalene location, but there is a lack of trials looking at its clinical effect. We are recruiting a total of 80 patients, 40 in each arm of the study, to understand the effect of Exparel on duration of the nerve block as well as the amount of opioid consumed in morphine milliequivalents.

Further information on this trial can be found here.