Cardiology Trials


    Dr. Jason Gluck is participating in this trial collecting information which will provide clinicians with a better understanding of the Cordella PA Sensor System as a potential solution for proactive Heart Failure management, early detection of fluid overload and possibly the prevention of worsening Heart Failure symptoms.

  • CARDIO: Heart Failure - At Home-HF Pilot

    Dr. Radojevic and the Heart Failure Team are participating in this trial to evaluate the efficacy and safety of the Furoscix Infusor versus continued medical therapy in patients with chronic heart failure and fluid overload.

  • CARDIO: Heart Failure - DAPA TIMI 68

    Dr. Jaiswal and Hartford Hospital’s Heart Failure Department are enrolling patients in this international trial for patients with heart failure and reduced ejection fraction who will be randomized to dapagliflozin versus placebo while in the hospital.

  • CARDIO: Heart Failure - GUIDE-HF

    Under the direction of Dr. Haronian, the Heart Failure Team is participating in the CardioMEMs Heart Failure System which is currently the only FDA approved system for previously hospitalized NYHC III heart failure patients.

  • CARDIO: Heart Failure - ANTHEM-HFrEF Pivotal Study

    Dr. Joseph Radojevic is the Principal Investigator of the ANTHEM Trial which will try to determine whether Autonomic Regulation Therapy (ART) in addition to medical therapy is safe and more effective than medical therapy alone for the treatment of heart failure.

  • CARDIO: HeartFailure - PARAGLIDE-HF

    Dr. Jaiswal and the Heart Failure Team will participate in this study investigating certain blood tests that may help identify patients that are at increased risk of death or re-hospitalized again after discharge. This blood test will reflect elevated pressures or stress on the heart to help identify patients at higher risk.

  • CARDIO: Electrophysiology - LEADR

    Dr. Meir Friedman is the Principal Investigator for this trial. The Next Generation ICD Lead is indicated for the treatment of subjects who have experienced, or are at significant risk of developing, life-threatening ventricular tachyarrhythmias. The purpose of this study is to assess the safety and efficacy of the Next Generation ICD Lead.

  • CARDIO: Electrophysiology - VANISH-2

    Under the direction of Eric Crespo, MD and the Electrophysiology Department, this study will determine whether catheter ablation or antiarrhythmic drug therapy provides the most effective control of important clinical outcomes for patients with prior myocardial infarction and sustained monomorphic ventricular tachycardia.

  • CARDIO: Electrophysiology - The Arm Aflutter Study

    Dr. Aneesh Tolat is the Principal Investigator for this trial evaluating the safety, feasibility, and efficacy of performing typical atrial flutter ablation through the arm.

  • CARDIO: Structural - APOLLO

    Dr. Talhat Azemi in conjunction with the Structural Heart Team are participating in this international trial evaluating the safety and efficacy of the Medtronic Intrepid TMVR system in patients with moderate to severe or severe symptomatic mitral regurgitation who are unable to have standard transcatheter or surgical repair.

  • CARDIO: Structural - RESTORE

    RESTORE is a multi-center, non-randomized trial designed to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of the HARPOON Beating Heart Mitral Valve Repair System in patients with severe degenerative mitral regurgitation (DMR).

  • CARDIO: Structural - CORCINCH-HF

    This study is a randomized trial to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of the AccuCinch Ventricular Restoration System and compare it to standardized heart failure medication.

  • CARDIO: Vascular - SSB 11-02

    The primary objective of the study is to determine whether the GORE® TAG® Thoracic Branch Endoprosthesis (TBE device) is safe and effective in treating thoracic aortic pathologies.

  • CARDIO: Vascular - CREST-2

    Dr. Parth Shah and the Vascular Surgery Team will be participating in this two-parallel multi-centered, randomized, observer-blinded endpoint clinical trial. One trial will assess treatment differences between intensive medical management alone compared to carotid endarterectomy with intensive medical management. The parallel trial will assess treatment differences between intensive medical management alone compared to carotid artery stenting plus intensive medical management.

  • CARDIO: Vascular - CREST-H

    Dr. Shah in conjunction with the Vascular Surgical team will participate in this trial to determine whether patients with cerebral hemodynamic impairment and mild cognitive impairment benefit from carotid revascularization.

  • CARDIO: Cardiac Surgery - ON-X Post Approval Clinical Registry Study

    Dr. Robert Hagberg and the Cardiac Surgical Team will evaluate the On-X aortic valve performance in normal general open practice using a new lower anticoagulant (blood thinner) dose approved and recommended by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2015.

  • CARDIO: Cardiac Surgery - PERIGON

    The purpose of this trial is to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of the Medtronic Model 400 aortic valve bioprosthesis in a patient undergoing surgical aortic valve replacement of a native aortic valve, or replacement of a failed prosthesis.

  • CARDIO: Cardiac Surgery - Terminate AF Study

    The purpose of the clinical study is to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of the Cardioblate iRF and CryoFlex hand held devices to expand the Indication for use to include the treatment of persistent atrial fibrillation and long-standing persistent atrial fibrillation (non-paroxysmal AF) in subjects undergoing concomitant cardiac surgery.


    This study hopes to demonstrate that use of the Sentinel Cerebral Protection System significantly reduces the risk of peri-procedural stroke <72 hours after transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR).

  • CARDIO: Cardiac Catheterization - STEMI DTU

    This trial hopes to demonstrate that left ventricular unloading with Impella and a 30 minute delay to reperfusion when compared with immediate PCI will show a reduction in infarct size and heart failure related clinical events.

  • CARDIO: Cardiac Catheterization - Assessment of Individual Risk of Cardiovascular Events by Platelet FcGammaRIIa

    People who have had a heart attack can have another heart attack and stroke in the future. The test being researched is a blood test that is designed to guide personalized treatment designed to prevent those events.

  • CARDIO: Preventive Cardiology - The Horizon Study

    The Horizon Study is a randomized double-blind, placebo-controlled, multicenter trial assessing the impact of lipoprotein (a) lowering with pelacarsen (TQJ230) on major cardiovascular events in patients with known cardiovascular disease.

  • CARDIO: Preventive Cardiology - The CASCADE FH Registry

    CAscade SCreening for Awareness and DEtection of Familial Hypercholesterolemia is being conducted under the direction of Dr. Paul Thompson and Preventive Cardiology.

  • CARDIO: Electrophysiology – Jewel IDE Study

    Dr. Zweibel and the Electrophysiology team will study the clinical evaluation of the Jewel P-WCD , a patch-wearable Cardioverter Defibrillator in patients who are at high risk for sudden cardiac arrest.

  • CARDIO: Volunteers needed to Complete a Short Survey Evaluating an Exercise Prescription Tool

    Research volunteers are needed for a study conducted by Dr. Linda Pescatello, her research team from the University of Connecticut, and Dr. Gregory Panza from Hartford Hospital. We would like to gain your feedback on an exercise prescription tool that health care providers can use to prescribe exercise to their patients.

  • CARDIO: Preventive Cardiology (iSCAD)

    The aim of the International SCAD (iSCAD) Registry is to serve as an internationally collaborative, multicenter registry coordinated by an experienced, centralized, coordinating center in an effort to increase the pace of patient recruitment and thereby increase statistical power of studies related to SCAD. This observational iSCAD Registry is being conducted under the direction of Dr. Stephanie Saucier and Preventive Cardiology.

  • CARDIO: Vascular Surgery C2LOE

    Dr. Parth Shah and the Vascular Surgery Team will be participating in the Long-Term Observational Extension of Participants in the CREST-2 (C2LOE) Randomized Clinical Trial study. The purpose of C2LOE is to assess post-procedural efficacy of carotid endarterectomy and carotid stenting.

  • CARDIO: Heart Failure - Integra-D

    The purpose of this study is to evaluate the device effectiveness in converting induced VF at the time of implantation.

  • CARDIO: Heart Failure - Aim Higher

    The purpose of this study is to determine whether CCM® treatment will reduce the occurrence of cardiovascular mortality and heart failure hospitalizations in patients with less severe heart failure.

  • CARDIO: Ventricular Tachycardia (RADIATE-VT Trial)

    The RADIATE-VT trial (NCT 05765175) is the first international, multi-center, randomized controlled trial to evaluate the safety and efficacy of cardiac radioablation (CRA) with Varian's CRA system compared to repeat catheter ablation for patients with high-risk refractory ventricular tachycardia (VT).

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