Administrative Fellowship Program:
Current & Past Fellows

2021-2022 Fellows

Nolan CianciNolan Cianci

School: University of Pittsburgh

Placement: Tallwood Urology & Kidney Institute

Preceptor: Jan Ruderman, VP Tallwood Urology & Kidney Institute

About Nolan: Nolan Cianci recently graduated with a Master of Health Administration (MHA) degree from the University of Pittsburgh. He will be completing his Administrative Fellowship in the Tallwood Urology & Kidney Institute. Prior to his fellowship, he completed a 16-month Administrative Residency at Allegheny General Hospital in Pittsburgh, PA, which focused on hospital operations. His interests include strategy and institute planning, system and hospital operations, addressing social determinants of health, and patient experience. Before attending the University of Pittsburgh, he graduated with a bachelor’s degree from the University of Dayton in Ohio.

Why Choose Hartford HealthCare? I was drawn to Hartford HealthCare because of the continued commitment to the surrounding communities, the employees that care for all patients, and each individual patient. The culture of HHC permeates every level of the organization and it’s easy to recognize that the H3W Leadership Behaviors are the cornerstone of every decision that’s made in the health system. I appreciate the way HHC is vigilant of trends in the healthcare industry and continually innovates to bring care to the surrounding communities. Hartford HealthCare is certainly an incredible place to learn and grow!

Deborah Famodimu

Deborah Famodimu

School: University of New Haven

Placement: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging

About Deborah: Deborah graduated with her Master’s in Healthcare Administration at the University of New Haven. Deborah is completing her Administrative Fellowship in the Office of Health Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. Her interests include Operational Excellence, Patient Experience, Change Management, and Quality Improvement. Prior to her fellowship, Deborah worked on building the supplier diversity program at Carilion Clinic in Roanoke, VA and at St. Vincent’s Medical Center focusing on Medication Reconciliation in the Cardiology Office.

Why Choose Hartford HealthCare? I was drawn to Hartford Healthcare because of the constant elevation the organization exhibits. The ability to share your interests and be able to work in vast areas of the organization drew my attention. I wanted to be a part of an organization that would provide me the opportunity to gain exposure and leadership development. I believe Hartford Healthcare truly cares for the communities they serve.

Himabindu Katrapati

Himabindu Katrapati

School: Columbia University

Placement: Operational Excellence, Project Management Office (PMO)

Preceptor: Mary Jane Lawton, Director, H3W Project Management Office

About Himabindu: Hima Katrapati completed her MBA in Healthcare Systems Management from the University of Toledo and MS in Bioethics from Columbia University. She will be completing her Administrative Fellowship in the Project Management Office under Operational Excellence. Her interests include Change Management, Project Management, Health Equity, and Community Population Health. Prior to Hartford Healthcare, Hima worked at a skilled nursing facility, in the Business Office Operations department. In her free time, she enjoys taking portrait and landscape photography, traveling, learning to cook new cuisines, and spending time with her family and friends.

Why Choose Hartford HealthCare? Hartford Healthcare provides opportunities and trains young professionals to grow in their professional career. The organization truly cares for its employees and the well-being of the community. The passion and drive to transform healthcare is a top priority for Hartford Healthcare and every project that is being worked on is an example of that drive. I chose Hartford Healthcare due to sharing the same goals of developing our community and providing the top quality of patient care and experience.

Claudia Martinez

Claudia Martinez

School: Texas A&M University School of Public Health

Placement: H3W Lean Office

Preceptor: Connie Flores, Director, H3W Lean Office

About Claudia: Claudia Martinez recently graduated with a Masters of Public Health (MPH) with a concentration in Health Policy and Management from Texas A&M University School of Public Health. Claudia is completing her fellowship in the H3W Lean Office at Hartford HealthCare. Her interests include Lean Six Sigma, quality and process improvement, and community health. Most recently, Claudia worked as a Quality Improvement Specialist at HealthPoint Community Health Centers in College Station, TX and completed her Administrative Internship with the organization as well.

Why Choose Hartford HealthCare? I chose Hartford HealthCare because I believe that this organization works beyond the walls of the hospital and is truly integrated in the community. Through many years of continuous improvement, the organization has developed a culture that is contagious and encourages and inspires all team members to strive toward the mission and vision of Hartford HealthCare. Hartford HealthCare has the best interest of their patients, employees, and community at heart.

Victoria Okyere

Victoria Okyere

School: Fordham University

Placement: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging

Preceptor: Sarah Lewis, VP, Health Equity

About Victoria: Victoria Okyere completed her Masters of Science in Health Administration at Fordham University in New York, NY. She has supported and led teams in addressing societal factors that influence the health outcomes of patients with complex chronic conditions. Victoria is completing her fellowship with the department of health equity and inclusion, where she plans to continue serving all patient populations toward access to quality care. Her interest includes patient coordination & experience, operational excellence, process improvement, community health, and health equity.

Why Choose Hartford HealthCare? I was drawn to Hartford HealthCare because of its strong ties and commitment to the community. A servant-leadership driven organization, where everyone wears the organization’s vision and value on their sleeves, and effortlessly thrive in delivering the organization’s mission. This is quite evident in all their work across the organization, city of Hartford and the state of Connecticut.

Nia Willis

Nia Willis

School: University of Michigan

Placement: Behavioral Health Network

Preceptor: Dr. John Santopietro, SVP & Psychiatrist-in-Chief, Behavioral Health Network

About Nia: Nia Willis recently completed her Master of Public Health in Heath Management and Policy at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. She will be completing her Administrative Fellowship in the Behavioral Health Network. Her interests include health equity, patient and family experience, and community health. Prior to her fellowship, Nia completed an internship with Talent Acquisition at Spectrum Health.

Why Choose Hartford HealthCare? Hartford HealthCare makes a strong effort to meet the varying needs of their patients and stay involved in the surrounding community, which is shown through community initiatives and employee testimonies. I was drawn to the positive organizational culture, including the H3W operating model and dedication to customer satisfaction. In addition to community involvement and work culture, Hartford HealthCare’s extensive behavioral health efforts and care coordination offered unique learning opportunities. I am eager to be a part of this organization and grow as a healthcare administrator.

2020-2021 Fellows

Kesha Shah

School: George Washington University

Placement: Community Network

Preceptor: Eric Smullen, VP of Operations, HHC Community Network

Current Role: Business Manager, Transplant, Hartford Hospital

Testimonial: Hartford Healthcare’s Administrative Fellowship Program is one that immerses you into an integrated health system that spans across the state. The program’s commitment to fellows and their learning is unmatched and I would not have obtained this elsewhere. Hartford Healthcare is a system that provides a variety of different opportunities for individuals to develop their skills sets and understand where their passion lies. During the course of the year, I was able to better understand the inner workings of a healthcare system and develop the relationships to successfully continue my career. These new professional relationships include mentors, coaches and preceptors that are willing to help you throughout the fellowship and beyond. Due to the culture and learning environment provided in the program, I have been able to simultaneously contribute to the system and grow as a professional.

Sumeet Kotwal

School: George Washington University

Placement: H3W Project Management Office

Preceptor: Mary Jane Lawton, Director, H3W Project Management

Current Role: Operations Program Manager

Testimonial: Hartford HealthCare’s Administrative Fellowship Program allows you the opportunity to get broad exposure across the integrated system while also focusing on project work in your areas of interest. During my fellowship, I had the opportunity to work on a multitude of diverse projects throughout the system as a result of my placement in the H3W Project Management Office and work assigned by the system. I was able to learn new skills and develop my current skills through my work, along with getting constant mentorship and support throughout the year. The culture at Hartford HealthCare is the most unique aspect of the organization, as it encourages growth and improvement, while also instilling important values in all its colleagues and leaders. I highly recommend this program.

José Garcia

School: University of the Incarnate Word

Placement: H3W Lean Office

Preceptor: Connie Flores, Director, H3W Lean Office

Current Role: Program Manager, Digestive Health and Surgery

Testimonial: Moving across the country and completing an Administrative Fellowship in the midst of a pandemic was challenging to say the least but I am thankful to have done it with Hartford HealthCare. Having completed my fellowship in the Lean Office, I was able to put our H3W Operating Model to practice during a global crisis. From COVID-19 drive-thru testing to vaccinations, I was able to be a part of history in the making and partner with customers across the system to work on processes that benefited our patients and communities. This fellowship program was full of opportunities to learn and develop as an individual an early careerist. As a fellow, I was encouraged to explore and discover new passions and areas of interest such as health equity, diversity, inclusion and belonging, most recently serving as Co-Chair for our Hispanic and Latinx Colleague Resource Group. The mentorship I received from my preceptors was unparalleled and I had direct visibility to meaningful initiatives throughout the system. My time in the Lean Office allowed me to grasp the principles of lean daily management and have respect for people at the forefront of what I do. Throughout this fellowship I developed a skillset that I will take with me as I advance in my career.

2019-2020 Fellows

Kelsey PorterKelsey Porter

School: George Washington University

Placement: Leadership and Organization Development; Operational Integration

Preceptor: Clara Riley, Director, Leadership and Organization Development

Major Projects: Saint Vincent’s Medical Center acquisition & integration, HHC’s first system-wide Cultural Assessment, and 2019-2020 Provider Leadership Development Institute

Current Role: Director, Operational Enhancement

Testimonial: Hartford HealthCare’s Administrative Fellowship Program is an extraordinary experience for those looking to learn about twenty-first century healthcare delivery. As a relatively new and fast moving healthcare system, Hartford HealthCare is full of opportunity across the entire continuum of care. In addition to the innumerable projects this presents for fellows, it also creates limitless learning opportunities and possibilities to make a positive impact on the organization. As a fellow, I was fortunate to be involved in a number of projects and initiatives spanning the entire organization – which provided fantastic perspective on how we operate as a system, in terms of both successes and opportunities for improvement. This expansive experience would not have been possible without the constant support and guidance I received from my preceptor, as well as Hartford HealthCare’s commitment to their organizational culture and the willingness to help from everyone I met along the way.

Shaina ShaperaShaina Shapera

School: University of Michigan

Placement: Quality and Safety

Preceptor: Stephanie Calcasola, Vice President, Quality and Safety

Major Projects: Built and implemented standard harm event tracking system, culture of safety analysis, CARe (communication, apology, resolution), and regulatory readiness

Current Role: Project Specialist, Hartford HealthCare Medical Group

About Shaina: The fellowship program provides extensive opportunities to grow as a professional. Hartford HealthCare invests deeply in fellows’ skill sets through projects, classes, conferences, and exposure to leadership. As a fellow, I was able to participate in board meetings, the Institute for Healthcare Improvement national forum, and an advanced analytics course taught by operations research expert Dr. Dimitris Bertsimas from MIT. To complement these experiences and facilitate reflection, fellows engage in coaching with a professional coach. My relationship with this expert helped me identify my strengths, navigate ambiguity, and discern post-fellowship plans. I highly recommend this program.

2018-2019 Fellows

Ashley BodamerAshley Bodamer

School: University of Connecticut

Placement: Tallwood Urology and Kidney Institute

Preceptors: Jan Ruderman, VP Tallwood Urology and Kidney Institute; Gerry Lupacchino, SVP Experience Engagement and Organization Development

Major Projects: Expansion of the Tallwood Men’s Health program, centralized urology courtesy privileges platform, developed quality outcomes reports and regional and clinical council dashboards

Current Role: Director, Program Development and Integration, Tallwood Urology Institute

Testimonial: The Administrative Fellowship Program is a unique opportunity to gain broad exposure of a health system while also focusing in on an area of interest. During my fellowship, I had the opportunity to learn about Institute development, an interest of mine, while also partnering with different departments on meaningful projects. Through this, I developed a wide-ranging skill set I am able to bring to my future positions as well as built relationships with leaders in all areas of the health system. Another benefit to the fellowship program is the mentorship, with my preceptor being instrumental in my success with her willingness to guide and introduce me to the inner workings of the institute model and the organization. The Fellowship Program has provided me with a strong foundation on which to launch my career as well as grow my professional network. I would recommend this program to individuals looking to create a lasting and meaningful career in healthcare.

Quian CallenderQuian Callender

School: University of Michigan

Placement: Analytics

Preceptors: Dee McDonald, System Director, Decision Support; Joe Hurley, System Director, Analytics and Data Visualization; Rich Shirey, SVP and Chief Information Officer

Major Projects: Implementation of balanced score card analytics tool, Employee Engagement and Community outreach initiative, Analytics communication strategy, data visualization implementation

Current Role: Program and Analytics Manager, Health Equity

Testimonial: The fellowship allows you to simultaneously develop and learn through the purposeful project based structure. As a growing integrated healthcare system, opportunities to get involved in areas of your choice are limitless. The strong culture of Hartford HealthCare (HHC) brings the best and brightest together to meet the needs of the communities that HHC serves. My time in the analytics area during the fellowship gave me insight into the needs of every area of the organization and the ways data is currently used and can be used to improve processes, structures, and outcomes.

Eric OlsenEric Olsen

School: University of Michigan

Placement: Project Management Office

Preceptors: Jamie Roche, VP Operational Integration; Elise Sinha, Director H3W Project Management Office

Major Projects: Saint Vincent’s Medical Center Transition/Integration, Provider Wellness Initiative, Acquisition of five Neuroscience Practices, Hospitalist Group Acquisitions

Current Role: BrainCheck

Testimonial: The fellowship affords you the opportunity to work on projects that you would never have an opportunity to work on otherwise. You will develop skills sets that are vital and transferrable to any part of a provider system. You have an opportunity to develop deep skills for the functional area that you work in rather than being quickly rotated every 3-6 months where you will begin to understand the position before being whisked away to your next rotation. The fellow network at HHC is very strong and past fellows are willing to give you their time and coach you through issues you may be confronting.

2015-2016 Fellow

Emily StebbinsEmily Stebbins

School: University of Michigan

Placement: Strategy, Marketing and Operations

Preceptors: James Cardon, MD, President, Integrated Care Partners, Vincent DiBattista, President, Hartford HealthCare Medical Group, James Blazar, SVP, Chief Strategy & Transformation Officer,

Major Projects: Readmissions Analysis, Development of Medical Group Call Center, Provider Recruitment, Crimson Medical Referrals

Current Role: Director, Access Optimization & Integration, Hartford HealthCare Medical Group

Testimonial: I first learned about Hartford HealthCare when Elliot Joseph, CEO, visited the University of Michigan School of Public Health to speak about the health system’s market strategy, leadership behaviors, and focus on population health. I decided to pursue a fellowship with the organization based on the opportunities within the growing organization to learn and create, as well as the culture the leadership was driving across the organization through the H3W (How Hartford HealthCare Works) leadership behaviors. I wanted to be a part of an organization that was driving change in its markets, constantly innovating, and that understood the importance of a strong culture. HHC is a great place for young professionals because it welcomes innovation and disruptive ideas, while at the same time is continuing to develop the foundation of the health system and its culture, offering many growth and learning opportunities.

During my fellowship, I was encouraged to gain experience in many areas and network with leaders across the system. I supported Marking and Communications, a Readmissions Reduction kaizen, and Physician Recruitment efforts, focusing primarily on the Medical Group. A highlight of my fellowship was the growth, development, and management of the Medical Group’s call center. I started managing the call center during the last few months of my fellowship and was able to grow its functionalities and build the relationships between the call center and the offices it supported.

Ultimately, I decided to stay with Hartford HealthCare and work with the Medical Group as Project Specialist to continue the work I had started during my fellowship. The relationships I was able to build during the fellowship as both a student and a young leader have been incredibly valuable. I have not only gained a tremendous amount from my time here, both professionally and personally, but I also have been able to impact the system in meaningful ways both during and after my fellowship.

2014-2015 Fellow

Andrea DashAndrea E. Dash

School: University of Michigan

Placement: Strategy and Planning

Preceptor: Jim Blazer, Vice President, Strategy and Transformation and Marcia Haytaian, Vice President, Leadership and Organizational Development

Major Projects:

  • Conducted a feasibility study for the restructuring of physician contracting; recommendations utilized by the legal department to implement an automated system-wide process and tools to support centralized physician contracting.
  • Wrote Certificate of Need for majority acquisition of an ambulatory surgery center, a $6.2M investment approved by the Office of Connecticut Health Access.
  • Contributing author of the 2015 Strategic Assessment, which outlined the local and national healthcare landscape and was used to inform the FY 2016 Balanced Scorecard and annual strategic initiatives. Presented Strategic Assessment to the Board and executive leadership.
  • Developed and implemented a system-wide clinical and administrative policy management workflow; coordinated and led a cross-functional Steering Committee that selected a PolicyTech as the vendor.
  • Nominated for the annual Making a Difference Together Award; team implemented a Plain Language Emergency Communications Program to replace 33 code words and phrases used to communicate 8 types of emergency incidents.

Current Role: Director, Planning and Business Operations, Hartford HealthCare Ayer Neuroscience Institute

2013-2014 Fellow

Dan DimensteinDan Dimenstein

School: University of Michigan

Placement: Strategy and Planning

Preceptors: Jim Blazer, Vice President, Strategy and Transformation and Marcia Haytaian, Vice President, Leadership and Organizational Development

Major Projects: Par8o implementation (software tracking referral patterns internally and externally to HHCMG), urgent care strategy, Recruited physicians to join Integrated Care Partners, Environmental Assessment

Current Role: Witt/Kieffer

Testimonial: I was someone that did not have a lot of full-time work experience prior to joining HHC, so the administrative fellowship program provided me with a unique opportunity to gain exposure to a wide variety of functional areas across an incredibly complex healthcare organization in a relatively short period of time. Being based in the corporate office afforded me the flexibility to get involved in projects that spanned the entire continuum of care, across most of HHC's geographies, which was not only fascinating, but rewarding, as well. As a system-level fellow, I was also able to build meaningful relationships with senior leaders across the health system. Above all, my fellowship year was integral in helping shape my career passions in healthcare. It helped me gain an understanding of the aspects of the industry that I truly enjoy, and has greatly influenced the direction which I have taken my career. I learned an incredible amount in just a year with HHC, and I rely on that experience to this day.