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Hartford HealthCare to Revolutionize Access to Care Through Partnership With Google Cloud

November 17, 2022

Hartford HealthCare today announced a long-term partnership with Google Cloud to accelerate Hartford HealthCare’s digital transformation and advance on-demand, personalized and coordinated care for patients.

Hartford HealthCare will work with Google Cloud to unlock the potential of health data, often hidden in unstructured data and increasingly complex patient records.

Using the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning from Google Cloud’s Healthcare Data Engine (HDE), and the recently announced HDE accelerators, Hartford HealthCare will make its healthcare data more accessible and actionable. The company will also leverage Contact Center AI for digital patient engagement and other Google Cloud technologies to transform care delivery and access.

Hartford HealthCare’s transformation has five goals:

  • Increase access to care by enabling more personalized patient experiences, anticipating patients’ needs and making the right care just one click or one call away.
  • Empower clinicians and colleagues with data-driven insights and tools, empowering them with contextually relevant information about each patient.
  • Enhance health outcomes for all, by using data to improve the health of underserved individuals, individually and across entire patient populations.
  • Accelerate and bolster health innovation, discovering previously undetected patterns in health data, and using insights to guide research.
  • Recover valuable time for caregivers, by increasing the speed and accuracy of data needed for health decision-making.

“Creating world-class care requires world-class partners. We are exceptionally proud to stand with Google Cloud and work together to make seamless, personalized care a reality for patients,” said Jeffrey A. Flaks, president and chief executive officer of Hartford HealthCare. “With Google Cloud’s technology, Hartford HealthCare will adopt better digital solutions that make care accessible for all.”

“Google Cloud recognizes Hartford HealthCare’s work to be a pace leader in healthcare and we are excited to collaborate to solve the industry’s greatest challenges, including access to care,” said Aashima Gupta, global director for Healthcare Strategy and Solutions for Google Cloud. “It is our shared vision to work together to identify the talents, tools, technologies, and solutions that are needed to deliver a new paradigm of health and wellness delivery. This work will bring together Hartford HealthCare’s excellence in patient care with Google Cloud’s machine learning and AI capabilities to unlock the truly transformative power of interoperable longitudinal patient records.”