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Tallwood Men’s Health is a necessary reminder that men do not adequately take care of their health. Most health issues affecting menfrom frequent urination to heart diseaseare treatable.

But we look at it another way: most of these health issues are preventable. Getting specialized care at Tallwood Men's Health and making a commitment to regular medical care like an annual physical and routine screenings enhances your chances of living a longer and healthier life.





Tallwood Men's Center

A 10,000-square-foot facility in Farmington providing personalized health care for men, including weight-management issues.

Tallwood Men's Health Center



Find a Men's Health Location by Service:

Hartford HealthCare Tallwood Urology & Kidney Institute

Tallwood Men’s Health offers complete urologic care, from urinary tract infections to sophisticated post-prostatectomy treatment that restores urinary control and sexual function after removal of your prostate.

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Hartford HealthCare Heart & Vascular Institute

One in every four male deaths in the United State is attributable to heart disease, yet most cardiovascular disease is preventable.

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Hartford HealthCare Medical & Surgical Weight Loss

Tallwood Men’s Health helps patients with weight concerns, especially those who have forgone preventative healthcare in recent years and wish to control unhealthy weight gain.

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Hartford HealthCare Endocrinology

Our endocrinologists treat diseases caused by abnormal (high or low) hormone levels.

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Hartford HealthCare Behavioral Health Network

You'll find a trained ear when you discuss any type of issue, concern or symptom with one of our behavioral health specialists.

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Tallwood Men's Health