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Millions of Americans suffer from treatable sleep disorders because they believe that the exhaustion they feel is a normal part of modern life. But disabling tiredness is far from normal and it can both lead to -- and point to -- other serious health problems.

The experts at the Hartford HealthCare Ayer Neuroscience Institute Sleep Care Center work to find the root cause of your sleep problems. From an initial consultation with a board-certified sleep physician, you will be guided through a sleep study that is right for you. Based on your results, our specialists will be able to tailor a treatment plan that will get you on your way to a better night’s sleep.
And they can refer you to other physicians, such as cardiologists, who can help with other issues that may be detected.

With locations across the state, it is easier than ever to connect with a Sleep Care Center near you.

Sleep Disorders

50 million Americans live with a sleep disorder.


Sleep Disorder Treatments

You can rely on us to treat your sleep disorder.


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