The experts at the Sports Neurology Program offer patients with concussions the latest guidance and care, helping the brain to heal and the athlete to return to play as quickly as safely possible.

Because our program is part of the Ayer Neuroscience Institute, this work is done through close collaboration with colleagues in the Rehabilitation Network.

We offer such treatments as:

  • Concussion recovery. By state law, our team advises athletes with concussions to rest for at least two days before starting to reintegrate low levels of activity. We tailor the care plan, however, to each patient’s individual needs and injury. Learn more >>

  • Consultation and follow-up evaluation. Return-to-play evaluations are required for any athlete suffering a head injury and showing signs of concussion.

  • Neurologic Monitoring for Athletes. Non-invasive examinations help us establish a baseline of the athlete’s brain health and then monitor it annually for injury. This is a way for athletes to proactively track neurologic function, maximize brain health and even improve sports performance.

  • Monitoring of neurologic functioning to support a healthy sports career.

  • Sideline evaluation. Certified athletic trainers or sports neurology experts are on hand to evaluate the player at the time of injury. If a concussion is determined, athletes are not allowed to return to play. They are either given instructions to rest at home under close monitoring by a family member or friend, or taken to the closest hospital for acute care.

  • Botox
  • Occipital nerve blocks
  • Patient education
  • Trigger point injections

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