Ayer Neuroscience Institute Sports Neurology Program

Student athletes and weekend warriors alike

all enjoy what they do, whether it's in the pool, on the court, or in the saddle.  If they’re hurt while playing – or have a neurologic condition that might make it challenging to compete – they can find help at the Ayer Neuroscience Institute Sports Neurology Program.

The program, one of the few in the country, is led by Connecticut’s only neurologist with advanced training in sports neurology, Dr. Stephanie Alessi-LaRosa. Her patient-focused work, which includes collaboration with other specialists, has one goal: Restoring the athletes to health and helping them return to their sport as quickly and safely as possible.


Centrally located in Hartford, the Sports Neurology Program draws patients from across New England.

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Headed by the state’s only trained sports neurologist, our program offers advanced care to athletes.

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The Ayer Neuroscience Institute

The Ayer Neuroscience Institute works to treat the full range of neurologic conditions. Our mission is more personal - to provide advanced, collaborative services across the state.

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