Inspire Therapy for Sleep Apnea

Inspire Therapy is a minimally invasive, implantable neuro-stimulator that continually monitors breathing during sleep for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

Based on a patient’s breathing pattern, the device delivers mild stimulation to keep key airway muscles open. The system is fully implanted in an outpatient procedure. It is FDA approved and clinically proven to significantly reduce sleep apnea events and improve quality of life.

How Inspire Works

An Inspire therapy-trained doctor will evaluate your overall health and perform testing to see if Inspire therapy may be a better alternative to continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy.

The Inspire system works completely inside your body with your natural breathing process to treat OSA. While you are sleeping, Inspire delivers mild stimulation to the hypoglossal nerve which controls the movement of the tongue and other muscles in the airway. By stimulating the nerve, the tongue and other tissues move out of the airway so you can breathe during sleep.

Inspire therapy is controlled using the Inspire Sleep Remote. The Inspire Sleep Remote allows you to turn the therapy on and off, adjust stimulation strength, and pause stimulation during the night if needed.

What to Expect

The Inspire therapy system is placed under the skin during a short surgical procedure, usually in an outpatient setting under general anesthesia. You can return to most activities immediately after the procedure.

Is Inspire Therapy Right for You?

You may be a candidate if you:

  • Moderate to severe OSA
  • Are unable to tolerate or benefit from CPAP
  • Are not significantly overweight
  • Are over the age of 22

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