First Seizure Clinic

At the Ayer Neuroscience Institute Comprehensive Epilepsy First Seizure Clinic, our goal is to give rapid and accurate diagnosis of seizures and seizure-like events so appropriate care can be started as soon as possible.

One in 26 people will have a seizure and one or two out of 100 have epilepsy and seizures. That’s more than two million people in the United States alone. Epilepsy and seizures affect people of all ages, and can occur even in people who have always been healthy and never had a brain injury. Your first seizure may be major with unusual movements or more subtle with only blank staring. In either case, you and your loved ones are certain to have questions and fears you want addressed.

You must be referred by a primary care provider for an appointment at the First Seizure Clinic.

Diagnostic Tests

Our board-certified epileptologists see patients age 18 and older, usually within two weeks of the first event. With access to a wide range of diagnostic testing, including an EEG, which our staff can schedule for the same day as your office visit, they are able to diagnose:

The team will also speak to you about the effect seizures have on your ability to drive and other safety concerns, and then work with your referring provider on a comprehensive diagnostic and treatment plan for you.

First Seizure Clinic Brochure

For Providers

Instructions for providers on referring a patient to the First Seizure Clinic.


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