When you or a loved one have a seizure, getting the right diagnosis quickly is very important.

More than 2 million Americans will have a seizure at some point, but only one or two out of 100 actually have epilepsy. To get the most effective treatment, you must be diagnosed correctly.

Specialists in Epilepsy Diagnosis

The Epilepsy Center at Hartford HealthCare’s Ayer Neuroscience Institute offers the most advanced care for people of all ages with seizures and all forms of epilepsy. The first step, however, is an accurate diagnosis – sometimes what seems like a seizure isn’t a seizure at all! Our epilepsy specialists will guide you to the right diagnosis, which is crucially important for getting you the right treatments.

Some seizures are not epileptic, but instead are psychogenic. This means that sometimes a seizure doesn’t mean epilepsy but instead a mood or emotional problem that requires a different treatment. Using the latest diagnostic technology (link to diagnostic testing page to be created), our specialists can pinpoint a diagnosis and work to help you and your family adjust physically and emotionally to it..

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