Nurse Navigators

Learning you have cancer can be frightening and overwhelming. Our Nurse Navigators offer a warm welcome into a world of cancer care.

Your doctors, nurses and other care providers are there to help, but it can be hard to process all the information you’re receiving. Hartford HealthCare Nurse Navigators are here for you, helping you make the most educated choices about your care and treatment. With their cancer expertise, they can help you understand your diagnosis and treatment, and provide assistance when you need it most.

They'll talk you through difficult decisions. Coordinate appointments. Partner with you to assure your needs are met so you feel more comfortable and confident.

Our Nurse Navigators can:

  • Educate you and your loved ones about your individual cancer diagnosis and treatment options
  • Help you make informed decisions about your treatment and care
  • Advocate for you during treatment
  • Coordinate the team of physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals
  • Assess your individual needs, connecting and referring you to appropriate supportive services and resources
  • Help you with your recovery and rehabilitation plans
  • Provide moral support and a sympathetic ear

Connect with a Nurse Navigator

Call 855.255.6181 or request a callback for support, advice, or a second opinion.

Hartford Region Nurse Navigators

    Central Region Nurse Navigators

    • Breast
      The Hospital of Central Connecticut
      Tel. 860.696.4815
      Fax. 860.224.5406

    • Ashley George, RN, OCN


      The Hospital of Central Connecticut
      Tel. 860.539.1417

    • Erin Hurlburt, BS, RN, OCN

      Head & Neck
      The Hospital of Central Connecticut
      Tel. 860.331.9769

    • Priscilla Moreira, RN, OCN

      General Oncology
      MidState Medical Center
      Tel. 203.694.8463
      Fax. 203.694.7630

    • Amanda Recchini, RN, BSN, OCN

      The Hospital of Central Connecticut & MidState Medical Center
      Tel. 203.376.5862

    East Region Nurse Navigators
    • Jessica Lathrop, RN

      General Oncology
      Windham Hospital
      Tel. 860.456.6952
      Fax. 860.456.6788

    • Melissa Vargas, RN

      Melissa Vargas

      General Oncology,

      Backus Hospital
      Tel. 860.885.6478
      Fax. 860.892.2772

    Northwest Region Nurse Navigators
    • Tammy Rouleau, RN, CN-BN

      General Oncology,
      Charlotte Hungerford Hospital
      Tel. 860.496.6819
      Fax. 860.496.6762

    Fairfield Region Nurse Navigators

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