Pre/Post Award


This pre-award site for grants covers the submission process for proposals. Topics include approval process for grant submissions, commonly requested information for grant applications, and forms and policies.

The Grants and Contracts office assists an Investigator in interpreting agency guidelines and developing the proposal and budget; can provide background information and common attachments for grant submission; and coordinates the transmittal process for all grants and contracts in securing official institutional authorization.

Notify Grants and Contracts of a planned grant submission 6 to 8 weeks in advance of the application due date. This will allow Research to prepare for a successful submission in a timely manner. Refer to Grant Submission policy for details.

Submission Process

All proposals submitted to an external agency must receive official approval prior to submission.

Principal Investigator Responsibilities:

Phase I. Project Initiation (Pre-Award)

  • Principal Investigator informs Grants and Contracts 6 to 8 weeks in advance of any grant submission.
  • Principal Investigator completes and submits Grant Application Pre-Submission Form.

Phase II. Preparation of Proposal, Review & Approval

  • Principal Investigator prepares draft of proposal, including a draft budget, and obtains necessary internal approvals such as the IRB and/or IACUC when required by funding agency.
  • Principal Investigator sends the draft project concept and budget to Grants and Contracts for review.
  • Principal Investigator submits proposal to the Grants and Contracts Office for final approval and signature by the Sr. Director of Research.

Phase III. Processing of Proposals

Responsibilities of the Grants and Contracts Office:

  • Review the proposal and budget for completeness and in accordance with agency and Hartford HealthCare policies and regulations.
  • Review budgets to determine completeness and accuracy.
  • Establish consortium agreements when work is performed by other Institutions.
  • Provides any needs support documents as required by proposal guidelines.
  • Obtain approval from Sr. Director of Research.
  • Notify the Principal Investigator the proposal has been approved.

Phase IV. Submission of Proposals

  • Grants and Contracts Office informs Principal Investigator of approvals. Principal Investigator may then forward the proposal to funding agency. If the proposal is submitted through an official online system (e.g., Grants.Gov, NSF Fastlane), the Director of Research will complete submission and provide acceptance confirmations to Principal Investigator.

For assistance contact:
Linda Adams
Pre-Awards Administrator

Institution Information

Listed below is commonly requested information for use in completing grant applications. For additional information, contact Grants and Contracts Office at 860.972.4592 or e-mail

Grants and Contracts
Hartford Hospital
Research Administration
80 Seymour Street
Hartford, CT 06102-5037
Phone: 860.972.4592
Fax: 860.545.5112

Type of Organization
Hartford Hospital is a Non-Profit corporation with 501(c)(3) status (other than institution of higher learning).

Entity Identification Number (EIN)


Cage Code:

Congressional District:

Hartford Hospital's Assurances

  • Animal Welfare#: A3185-01 | Effective: 04/01/2019 - 04/30/2023
  • Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) – Federal Wide Assurance (FWA)#: FWA00021932 | Effective through 6/28/2026

Authorized Institutional Officer
Lizabeth Roper, MHS
Sr. Director of Research
80 Seymour Street
Hartford, CT 06102-5037
Phone: 860.972.1964

Make checks payable to:
Hartford Hospital

Payment Remittance Address
Hartford Hospital
Research Administration
Attention: Tammy Weirs, Grants and Contracts Manager
80 Seymour Street
Hartford, CT 06102-5037

Subcontract Invoice Remittance Addresses
There are two ways subaward invoices are sent from the subawardee to Hartford Hospital:

  1. Electronically by email to:


  1. By US Mail to:
    Hartford Hospital
    Research Administration
    80 Seymour Street
    Hartford, CT 06102-5037

Fringe Benefit Rates
New FY20 Fringe Benefit Rates:
Hartford Hospital's Fringe Rate is 25.25%

Facilities & Administrative (F&A) Cost Rates
Indirect Costs Rate - 63.7%
Fringe Benefits Rate - 31.5%

Rate Agreement: DHHS Federal Rate Agreement

Cognizant Agency
Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS)

DHHS Representative
Darryl W. Mayes
Deputy Director
Cost Allocation Services

NIH Salary Cap Summary (Current)
Effective February 10, 2022, the Executive Level II Salary Cap has increased from $192,300 to $203,700.  See: NOT-OD-22-076

Pre-Award Forms
The following forms are used for during the pre-award process for grant submissions.

  • Grant Application Pre-Submission Form
  • NIH Submission Form
  • Consortium Agreements

Pre-Award Policies and Procedures

  • Grant Applications Submissions


Post-Award Services are designed to assist principal investigators and department administrators with the efficient and effective fiscal and administrative management of grants and contracts once awarded. This service also ensures that awards are closed out appropriately and timely once completed.

Post-Award Responsibilities:

  • Review of monthly expenditures
  • Tracking actual vs budget expenditures
  • Assist with budget revisions
  • Assist with progress reports/financial reports
  • Distribute and process Time and Effort reports
  • Assist with NCE
  • Assist with Amendments and Sub Contracts
  • Preparation and processing of cost transfers if necessary.
  • Reconcile and resolve outstanding fiscal issues
  • Assist with closeout coordination
  • Assist with final financial preparation
  • Generate project financial reports

Principal Investigators Responsibilities

The Role of the Principal Investigator (PI)

The project should not be started until the award letter is processed by the Grants and Contracts Office. Once the award is processed, Accounting will set up an Grant ID to track the financial activities.

Once the Grant ID is set up, the PI will be responsible for the following:

  • Carry out the work of the project in accordance with the approved scope of work.
  • Prepare and submit any required reports to agency by required due date. Failure to comply with agency reporting deadlines may jeopardize future funding.
  • Ensure funds are spent in accordance with the terms of the grant (as specified in the approved grant budget) and in accordance with Harford HealthCare policies and procedures, including purchasing, travel, and hiring policies.
  • Keep adequate records for audit purposes.
  • For federally funded projects, submit a Time & Effort Report to the Grants and Contracts Office when required.
  • Notify the Grants and Contracts Office when the project is completed and the funds been exhausted.

Post-Award Forms

  • Cost transfer form
  • Residual Close out Form
  • Pre-travel Approval Form for travel on Research funds
  • Project Close-out Form

For assistance contact, please contact:
Marc Ginnett
Post-Awards Administrator