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Boxing? Dance? Movement Disorders Patients Pick Their Free Classes

November 13, 2021

Exercise is helpful to everyone, but for people with movement disorders like Parkinson’s disease, structured physical activity can be the key to maintaining body strength and balance.

The Chase Family Movement Disorders Center relaunched a variety of classes tailored to the specific needs of people living with a movement disorder. (Note: Classes will be available after COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.)

“We believe in a whole-body approach to treating movement disorders, and combine the most modern treatments and therapies with wellness classes to help our patients live their best lives,” said Dr. J. Antonelle de Marcaida, medical director of the Movement Disorders Center.

The classes, free to patients, are held at the Chase Family Movement Disorders Centers in Cheshire, Mystic and Vernon.

Classes include:

  • Yoga, which can help patients improve their use of breathing to calm their nervous system; bring greater awareness of the body; increase flexibility in the spine and joints; and develop core muscle strength to support balance.
  • Tai Chi, an ancient practice that is known to help patients reduce pain and stiffness; increase balance, coordination, strength and flexibility; improve sleep; boost immune system function and overall health; and provide socialization.
  • Dance, exploring different styles of dance can help patients combat the effects of their movement disorder; improve posture, stride, mobility, flexibility and balance.
  • Boxing, practicing jabs and footwork can help patients boost strength; increase hand-eye coordination; improve posture; increase cognitive processing skills; relieve soft-voice symptoms; strengthen core muscles; improve gait, balance and mobility; and sharpen reaction time.

For more information on the classes, call 860.870.6385 or click here.

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