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“The Analytics Edge in Healthcare” course at HHC

March 03, 2020

Hartford HealthCare has a surging relationship with faculty from MIT in the Innovation and Analytics domains, led by Dr. Barry Stein, HHC’s Chief Clinical Innovation Officer.
We have multiple ongoing advanced analytics initiatives with Professor Dimitris Bertsimas, Associate Dean of Business Analytics at MIT-Sloan School of Management, including within our Heart and Vascular, Neuroscience & Cancer institutes, Bariatric Surgery and system operations.
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is the fuel for much of the transformative Innovation affecting every business sector today, including healthcare. Understanding the    frameworks and developing a common language about AI/ML, is imperative to leveraging its potential to personalize and optimize the care we deliver to our patients, so they can live their healthiest lives.
Professor Bertsimas, the “Bruce Springstein of Analytics”, generously offered HHC the opportunity to host the first ever pilot of his new “The Analytics Edge in Healthcare” course which he has developed with two of his PhD students, Agni Orfanoudaki and Holly Wiberg, and a curriculum he hopes to soon offer more broadly. The course was held over three separate evening sessions, over three consecutive weeks, with the goal of providing an introduction to analytics applied in healthcare, to learn the process of artificial intelligence, machine learning and advanced optimization models, and to be able to assess when each method is most appropriate.
The course was attended by 100 HHC family members including leadership from all our regions, and representatives of multiple clinical disciplines and cross functional operational areas.
[caption id="attachment_24535" align="alignnone" width="675"] Prof. Dimitris Bertsimas, Dr. Rocco Orlando, Dr. Barry Stein, Holly Wiberg, Agni Orfanoudaki and David Whitehead).[/caption]