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State Police: Beware of Phone Scams

January 22, 2020

Connecticut State Police are warning residents to beware of phone scams that appear to be on the rise, including ones involving Hartford HealthCare.

Dispatchers and troopers from around the state have been contacted by concerned citizens about unusual phone calls they have received. The phone calls are from people claiming to be from the Connecticut State Police, among other agencies or organizations.

Phone numbers that come up on caller ID can be used randomly by scammers — including Hartford HealthCare phone numbers.

In some cases, scammers ask callers to deposit a check they provide and then wire the money from that account. In other calls, scammers insist that consumers make a decision and provide private information immediately.

Some tips:

  • Resist these calls by simply hanging up.
  • Be proactive in minimizing the chance that you will be scammed.
  • Never provide critical private information over the phone.
  • Hang up on any suspicious calls immediately.
  • If any unknown number calls, let it go directly to voicemail.
  • Don’t even answer the call in the first place. If it is someone valid, you might get a voicemail or text message.

All official agencies, including the IRS, a bank or other government agency always contact the person in writing. Your bank account numbers, Social Security numbers and other identification numbers should be kept completely private.

To report suspicious calls or scammers, contact 1-877-FTC-HELP (1-877-382-4357or click here. You can also contact your local police.

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