About Hartford HealthCare Innovation

Innovating for Better Care and Healthier Communities

It’s Hartford HealthCare’s (HHC) vision to be “most trusted for personalized coordinated care.” Today, personalization can mean a smart watch that detects heart-rhythm problems or calls 911 if it detects a fall. Care is coordinated across health systems by powerful and secure health-data systems, like Epic. Increasingly, these systems are able to use data to predict medical problems and detect health threats to specific communities. As advanced technology plays an ever-larger role in care, HHC seeks to drive the development of it to make care better, more accessible and, ultimately, more affordable.

For over a century, HHC has innovated in medical, surgical and imaging techniques, education and organizational structures.

Our Center for Education, Simulation and Innovation has been working with industry partners for a decade and our Care Logistic Center continues to improve care coordination for our patients and families.

HHC has a way of working – we call it our Operating Model – that helps us focus the agility and creative brainpower of our people to invent new ways to improve quality and transform the patient experience.

HHC is taking some specific steps in the world of innovation.

  • HHC is supporting fledgling companies through the Digital Health CT Innovation accelerator in partnership with Trinity College and UConn;
  • We are inviting entrepreneurs across the world to evaluate proposed new technologies and products with our clinical experts
  • We are creating an intake process to encourage idea-development and we are communicating about our progress with our staff and customers

We’re already seeing progress:

  • HHC is working with The Massachusetts Institute of Technology – the most innovative square mile on the planet – on a number of exciting new concepts and projects
  • Digital Health CT is in the process of choosing its first batch of promising start-ups.
  • And a group of new digital health companies from Israel – one of the world’s start-up hot-spots – has pitched new ideas to us. In addition, we have begun investing in new health-tech companies that are just taking off

For us, the end product of innovation is achieving our vision of well-coordinated, personalized care coming to life to impact our community and rest of the world.