Innovation Submission Criteria


Align with Hartford HealthCare’s innovation goals

The product or solution must align with, and drive one or more of the following priorities:

  • Patient / customer experience
  • Quality and safety
  • Healthcare access
  • Healthcare equity
  • Clinical workflow
  • Clinical decision support
  • Operational efficiency
  • Revenue diversification
  • Cost mitigation


Solve a relevant problem within healthcare

  • Solution must have the intent to solve a relevant and impactful problem as identified by HHC
  • Matching subject matter expert / mentor must be available to support the solution



Support an innovation theme within Hartford HealthCare’s ecosystem

Core solution focused on one or more of the following themes to leverage HHC’s innovation ecosystem capabilities:

  • Clinical workflow
  • Decision support
  • Digital diagnostics (ability for patients to proactively track and manage own conditions)
  • Digital therapeutics (data analytic tools to allow for automatic, fast and affordable medical diagnostics)
  • Precision Medicine
  • Virtual health-remote monitoring (keeping patients healthy at home)