Hartford HealthCare’s Innovation Goals

Healthcare is changing at an increasing velocity and organizations that do not innovate will be left behind. 

We have the potential to apply emerging innovative technologies to create transformative patient and provider experiences, redefine excellence in quality and safety outcomes, decrease friction to access and delivery of care, diversify revenue, and manage costs effectively.

Our strong leadership culture, coupled with an agile and lean-driven operating model, has a force multiplying effect on healthcare innovation and transformation.

Innovation is embedded in our DNA with extraordinary resident intellectual property of employees and assets.

Innovation Goals

  • Create, preserve, and enhance an alternative revenue generating portfolio

  • Create an efficient and frictionless healthcare innovation ecosystem and platform to accelerate ideas to market

  • Catalyze a culture of innovation to attract and retain world class entrepreneurs

  • Create an environment where all stakeholders extract commensurate value

  • Economic development in Hartford and State of CT

  • Drive strategic impact