Day of Your MyChart Virtual Visit Appointment

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Start your Virtual Visit


Smartphone or Tablet (Apple or Android devices)

Begin Video Visit

1. Open MyChart

Do NOT open the Zoom app. This is not required.

2. Sign into MyChart using your personal account information.

3. You may see a notifications screen (large white box) – if you see “View details of your upcoming appointments” on this screen, please choose that. Choose the name of your virtual appointment and then skip to #5.

4. Click on Visit   

  • The Virtual Visit appointment will display under Future or Next 7 Days
  • Click on the name of the virtual visit appointment

5. From the Appointment Details click on the green video camera next to Begin Video Visit. You may need to scroll down to see the Begin Video Visit button. 


  • The Begin Video Visit button will be available 30 minutes before the appointment start time. Please check with your provider’s office to see when they would like you to begin your video visit.

6. Clicking the green video camera will automatically launch ZOOM – you do NOT need to start ZOOM yourself.

  • To allow the Zoom window to open please click Open or Allow.
  • ZOOM will place you in a virtual waiting room until the provider(host) joins – you may see one of the screens below while you wait. Please do not leave the app and keep your phone on to wait for the provider.” 
  • .

7. When the provider joins the video visit you may see the screen below – please choose “Call using Internet Audio” or “Call using Device Audio”.

8. Once Zoom starts and you are in the visit, please click on the screen and look at the microphone in the lower left-hand corner of the screen. If the microphone is red and there is a line through it, please click on the microphone to unmute your microphone. If your provider cannot see you, please look at the video camera in the lower left-hand corner of the screen. If the video camera is red with a line through it please click on the video camera to show your video.

End Video Visit

1. Once you and the provider have agreed the visit is complete you will be asked to end the meeting.

  • Click on Leave in the upper right hand corner of the screen and then click on Leave Meeting.

Download Instructions

Computer (Laptop or Desktops)

Begin Video Visit

1. On your device, go to the Internet (using a web browser such as Safari , Google Chrome , or Internet Explorer ) type into the browser’s address bar and click Enter. In the Google search window type in “Hartford Healthcare MyChartPlus” and click Enter. Choose the “MyChartPLUS – Login Page”.

2. Login to the MyChartPlus site with your login and password for MyChart.

3. Click on the Visits icon () and then click on Appointments and Visits just below.

4. Find your appointment and click on the blue DETAILS button ().

5. If you have any pre-visit questionnaires or review of systems to fill out please do this prior to your visit.

6. Click on the green BEGIN VIDEO VISIT button ().

7. You may be asked “Do you want to allow this page to open” – answer Allow.

8. If the Zoom window does not open up at this time you may have a pop-up blocker enabled which prevents a new window (like Zoom) from opening up. Many times there is a message on the screen (this can be on the bottom or the top of the browser) which asks if you want to give permission for this window to open. Click on that message and allow the window to open to start your video visit.

9. If asked please click on the “Join with Video” button.

10. You should be able to now see and hear your provider (and they should be able to see and hear you). If there are any issues please visit the Troubleshooting/FAQs page.

11. At the end of your meeting please click “Leave Meeting” in the bottom right corner of your screen.

Download Instructions

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