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Joining from a Desktop or Laptop Computer


You will join the virtual health visit via their MyChartPLUS portal or via a Direct join email.

1. When you login into your MyChartPLUS portal, find your video visit and click Begin visit.


2. The Join video visit button is available up to 30 minutes before to 90 minutes after the scheduled visit

time. Click Join video visit to begin.


Direct Join Email.  The notification will say MyChartPLUS – even if you do not have a MyChart

account. Click the hyperlink to begin the visit.


3. If the you join the visit outside the 30 minutes prior to visit and 90 minutes after the scheduled visit

time, the “Join video visit” button will not be available, but you may test the hardware.   


4. After joining the video visit, you will be placed in the virtual waiting room.

 5. Click the Leave Call (top Right) when the visit is complete.

Joining from a Smartphone or Tablet

1. Login to MyChartPLUS, click on the Visits icon. This will take you to appointments page.

2. Select the correct visit. The green camera icon indicates a video visit.


3. Join the Video visit by clicking the green Join video visit button.  

4.Next, connect your camera and microphone.  Click Continue.


5. Click Allow when prompted.  If you click Cancel, the hardware test will fail.  You will have the opportunity to click Allow again.

6. Complete the Hardware Test (1), add a Display Name (2) then select Join Call (3). 



7. The next screen will be the virtual waiting room.


 8. When you have completed the visit, Click on red icon (top Right) and select Leave Call.

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