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Men’s Health Offers Vasectomy Clinics During Basketball Tournament

February 03, 2023

While you’re laid up on the couch recovering from your vasectomy, you may as well have something fun to watch, right Excited that the annual college basketball playoff tournament is back on this year, Hartford HealthCare Tallwood Urology & Kidney Institute Men’s Health is offering Vasectomy Clinics timed with the height of the competition. > Schedule my vasectomy This year, clinics are being planned in four locations across the state for patient convenience. Registration is required. Clinics will be held at:

  • Friday, March 17, 5 Dayton Road, Waterford
    • Call 860.678.5700 for an appointment with David Crawley, MD.
  • Saturday, March 18, 10 Birdseye Road, Farmington
    • Call 860.678.5700 for an appointment with Jared Bieniek, MD.
  • Saturday, March 18, 455 Lewis Ave., Suite 210, Meriden
    • Call 203.238.1241 for an appointment with Paul Pyo, MD.
  • Saturday, March 25, 201 North Mountain Road, Suite 300, Plainville
    • Call 860.348.2500 for an appointment with Ryan Dorin, MD.
Dubbed “Vas Madness,” the period around the college tournament marks peaks in vasectomy procedures, according to doctors and healthcare systems nationwide. In 2016, Athena Health Network researchers noted a 30-percent spike in vasectomies during the first round of the three-week tournament over the numbers recorded in an average week. “We typically suggest men take 48 hours at home to kick up their feet and recover after a vasectomy. What better way this year than with a comfortable chair, an ice pack and your favorite college basketball team?” said Dr. Bieniek, medical director of Tallwood Men’s Health. > Want more health news? Text StartHere to 85209 to sign up for text alerts A vasectomy is a simple, in-office procedure for permanent male birth control. A urologist performs the minimally-invasive procedure through a small skin opening and cuts the vas deferens, the tube carrying sperm, on both sides. Most men are fully recovered from the procedure within a week. Registration for any of the Vasectomy Clinics is required and space is limited. Patients must schedule a consultation at a separate visit beforehand in order to have the procedure done at the clinic. Another option is to have the consultation done at the clinic and schedule the procedure for another day.