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We are dedicated to excellence and making sure that we provide you the care and treatment you need so that you are both satisfied and healthy. 

Here are some personal stories, shared by patients who have experienced the specialized care we provide.

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Deep Brain Stimulation: Why Her 80s Are Going To Be ‘Fabulous’

Loreli Jenkins' life has been impacted by tremors for almost 40 years. Read how the Deep Brain Stimulation process has changed her life, and how it will change anyone suffering from unwanted movement and / or behavior.

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How Kelly Stafford, Matthew Stafford’s Wife, Recovered From Brain Tumor

Among the off-gridiron stories getting attention during this year’s Super Bowl was the brainstem tumor that sidelined Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford's wife, Kelly in 2019. Read about "acoustic neuroma" it's conditions and how we treat it.

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More Neurosurgery News & Stories

April 12, 2024

4 Signs It’s Time to See a Doctor for Your Back Pain

When back pain strikes, you may be temped to dive down an online rabbit hole. But you may want to [...]

December 21, 2022

6 Things to Know About Epilepsy and Seizures

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November 18, 2022

Back Surgery Saved This Navy Sailor’s Active Lifestyle

Robert Solis lived with chronic, at times excruciating lower back pain for six years. He hadn’t suffered an injury – [...]

September 07, 2022

Why Emilia Clarke Says Parts of Her Brain Are Missing After 2 Aneurysms

The mother of dragons recently opened up about brain aneurysms. Actress Emilia Clarke says she had life-threatening cerebral aneurysms in [...]

May 18, 2022

Recognizing the Warning Signs of a Brain Tumor

May is National Brain Tumor Awareness Month, and it’s estimated that nearly 90,000 people in the United States will be [...]

May 18, 2022

A Father-Daughter Wedding Dance Like No Other

For 20 years, Garry Brooke fought a disease he didn’t have, and once he was properly diagnosed and had surgery, [...]

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