For New Patients

Thank you for choosing the Multiple Sclerosis Center and the Ayer Neuroscience Institute at Hartford HealthCare for your care.

We understand that getting to the root cause of your neurologic symptoms can be a frustrating experience. Our team of MS experts will answer all your questions and make the experience as comfortable and seamless as possible. If you are diagnosed with multiple sclerosis or another neuroimmunologic condition, we are equipped to provide you with long-term care.

What you can expect

Patients are referred to us for many different reasons and we work to address your questions and concerns in a timely manner. Below are the most common reasons for referrals and what to expect:

If you are experiencing neurologic symptoms typical of multiple sclerosis or other neuroimmunologic conditions, we can provide a consultation. If you are diagnosed with any neuroimmunologic disease, including MS, we can provide long-term care.

If you received an abnormal MRI of your brain or spinal cord, we can provide a second opinion. We will review your MRI and any symptoms you may have to determine a cause.

If your referring doctor wants a second opinion regarding an existing diagnosis, we will review any testing or imaging that you had done, discuss your symptoms and perform a detailed physical exam. We may also order more testing before sending our assessment to your referring physician.

If you have an existing diagnosis of MS or another neurologic autoimmune condition and your doctor refers you to us to manage your condition, our team of experienced specialists is equipped to create a care plan for you.

What to bring

When you come in for your first appointment, please bring any related test results from other physicians. If you have had any imaging, such as MRI scans done outside of Hartford HealthCare please bring a copy of them on a disk. You can get copies through the radiology center where you had the tests done. If your testing was done in the Hartford HealthCare system, we can access them through your electronic medical record. Medical records from outside our system can also be faxed to us at 860.621.0189. Please call to confirm that we received the records before coming in for your appointment.

We ask that all new patients fill out the new patient paperwork and bring it to the first appointment. If you have misplaced the paperwork, please call the office and we will gladly resend it. Appointments typically last an hour.

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