For Providers

Thank you for choosing the Ayer Neuroscience Institute Multiple Sclerosis Center for the continuation of care for your patient.

We look forward to working with you during examination, diagnosis and treatment of your patient. Please see below for the many reasons patients are referred to us and for referral information.

Reasons to refer:

  • Your patient is exhibiting neurologic symptoms of multiple sclerosis or another neuroimmunologic condition. If your patient has been diagnosed with a neuroimmunologic disease, including multiple sclerosis, we can provide long-term care for the condition.
  • Your patient has had an abnormal MRI of the brain or spinal cord that exhibited white matter changes. We can provide a consult or second opinion. Be sure to send the patient with a copy of the disk if the MRI was performed outside of the Hartford HealthCare system.
  • You want a second opinion regarding an existing diagnosis of MS or another neuroimmunologic condition. We are happy to review any previous testing and symptoms to help.
  • Your patient has an existing diagnosis of MS. You may prefer that we take over the treatment of a complicated patient.

If you are ever unsure if a referral is appropriate, please contact us.

How to make a referral

From within Hartford HealthCare: In Epic, you can refer to one of our providers by name. When doing so, choose “neurology” as a specialty and “neuroimmunology” as the department.

From outside Hartford HealthCare: Referrals can be faxed to 860.621.0189 and our team will contact the patient to schedule. We will need the patient’s demographics, insurance information, any recent imaging or labs, and office notes from the last six months. Tell your patient to bring a copy of any recent MRIs on a disk so our specialists can review the images during the visit.

We accept most commercial insurances, Medicare and Medicaid.

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