Q: What can I eat when I have diabetes?

A: The American Diabetes Association recommends that everyone with diabetes have an individualized meal plan worked out with a Registered Dietitian. You will be encouraged to eat three meals and one or more snacks a day, to measure your food portions, and not skip meals. Most people will need to decrease their portion sizes but there will be no foods that you can't try to fit into your meal plan.

Q: Do I have to prick my finger to test my blood sugar?

A: Blood glucose testing is an important element in a diabetes treatment plan. The results that you obtain will let you know how well your diabetes is controlled and a finger stick is the easiest and most accurate test available. If the test is done correctly, it should not hurt. Most insurance companies will cover the cost of testing supplies for you.

Q: Why is exercise so important for someone with diabetes?

A: Exercise is important for all of us but especially for people with diabetes. Exercise helps your insulin to work better, which will help lower your blood glucose level. It will also help you lose weight and keep your heart healthy.

Q: How do I sign up for diabetes classes?

A: You can browse our calendar and sign up for any event with the details given. We offer classes at a variety of times to meet most people's schedules.