Orthopedic Surgery

When severe pain affects your sleep or ability to perform routine activities or prevents you from working, you may benefit from surgical treatment.

Hartford HealthCare’s surgeons perform myriad orthopedic procedures, from rotator cuff repair to total joint replacement.


Most commonly used for knee and shoulder injuries. The surgeon makes two or more small incisions, inserting an arthroscope in one to view the joint, and surgical instruments in the other to remove the damaged tissue or cartilage causing irritation.


The surgeon removes a small piece of bone near the affected joint. Though not a common procedure, it may be effective for younger people with arthritis because it might delay joint surgery for years.

Joint Replacement/Reconstruction

A successful joint replacement may relieve pain and restore most movement. Damaged bone is removed from the joint and replaced with parts cemented to the healthy remaining bone.

Patients today benefit from great advances in surgical techniques, implant design as well as computer-assisted surgery. Surgeons use long-lasting joints placed with precision fit. Physicians consider the patient's lifestyle, age and gender when deciding which kind of implant to use.

Surgical Robotic Technology

Knees and Hips

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