COVID-19 vaccine additional doses


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention approved booster or third doses of COVID-19 vaccines for people 65 and older, long-term care facility residents, people with underlying health conditions and those whose occupations put them at risk for COVID.


Who is eligible for a booster dose or third dose vaccine?


A time for caution… not confusion.


    • An uptick in the number of people testing positive for COVID-19.

        • A potent virus variant that can even infect some of the vaccinated.

            • Fewer people receiving readily available vaccines.


No one wants to be here. But this is our reality right now. It’s distressing and even scary. We have overcome fear with facts before. We can do it again. Hartford HealthCare’s experts, who’ve been confronting coronavirus for months, offer this advice:


Mask up.

If you’re going shopping, or heading to a restaurant, theater or other indoor area, wear a mask over your nose and mouth — even if you’re vaccinated.

Get tested.

This is not the time to self-diagnose whether you have the cold or COVID. If you experience any symptoms, get a COVID test, and stay home until you’re better.

Try outside.

It’s the best time of year to be outdoors in New England. If you’re planning a gathering, stay outside where the virus transmits less easily.

Your best shot? Get the shot.

Getting vaccinated is, by far, the best way to prevent yourself from needing to be hospitalized or risking death by getting COVID. The vaccines are highly effective.

Face the facts.

Vaccination protects you against the most severe symptoms of COVID. You are much more likely to get sick and need to be hospitalized if you’re unvaccinated.

Stay informed.

There is a disturbing amount of misinformation about this pandemic. Trust medical experts, who took an oath to promote wellness and heal sickness. Explore this site for reliable information.

Do you have questions about COVID-19 or the vaccines? Concerns about the delta variant or information you may have heard? Call Hartford HealthCare’s Community Care Center and ask our healthcare experts — Monday through Friday, 8am to noon, 860.972.8100 (toll-free 1.833.621.0600).

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