Research News

Full AAHRPP Accreditation for the Hartford HealthCare Human Research Protection Program

The Association for the Accreditation of Human Research Protection Programs, Inc. (AAHRPP) recently awarded the Hartford HealthCare Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) the designation of Full Accreditation for a period of five years. This is an important achievement and reflects the commitment of our organization and Institutional Review Boards to protect the rights and welfare of Hartford HealthCare research participants. The Council also recognized our program’s innovative practices with an Area of Distinction award. The award acknowledged the development and implementation of a noncompliance tracking system which allows our HRPP team to continuously monitor the frequency and type of noncompliance events. These metrics are utilized to institute targeted education and changes in practice.

Dr. Michael Stevens Receives $3.7M Grant for ADHD Research

The National Institute of Mental Health has awarded a $3.7M research grant to Dr. Michael Stevens at the Olin Neuropsychiatry Research Center to test a new computerized cognitive training intervention for teens diagnosed with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).  This two-phase, 5-year clinical trial will test whether ADHD symptom severity can be reduced following a month of near-daily cognitive training sessions.  This study is based on recent neuroscience discovery of how specific ADHD brain function abnormalities seem to be improved through a particular focus of cognitive training.  The intervention targets the way specific frontal lobe brain regions communicate with other brain regions engaged to hold and manipulate information in mind that prior research has linked to ADHD symptom expression.  The new intervention has low COVID-19 risk as it was designed to be done remotely in patients' homes, using internet resources monitored by study staff.  Success in the initial 2-year research phase will prompt 3 additional years of funding to replicate any brain target engagement results, with the hope that overall project success will support a future large-scale, multi-site clinical efficacy trial.  Since 2004, Dr. Stevens has received over $10 million in research funding from the NIMH and from Harford HealthCare internal research resources specifically for ADHD translational research.  This current NIMH grant supports his latest project in a decades-long effort to use neuroimaging research tools to better understand brain dysfunction in ADHD and to learn how to best treat the disorder.  The new clinical trial plans to begin recruiting patients by mid-Spring 2021.  Information on this study will soon be available on Dr. Stevens' Olin Center lab webpage at alongside information about other ongoing ADHD-focused projects that are actively recruiting ADHD and non-ADHD research participants.

Recent Publications

April, 2022

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March, 2022

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