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IOL Study, Funded by $1 Million Grant, Focuses on Repeat Suicide Attempts

Psychiatric inpatients with prior suicide attempts are at particularly high risk to commit suicide, especially within the first few months after discharge. In this study, researchers at the Institute of Living’s Anxiety Disorders Center will examine whether a brief cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) can benefit this vulnerable population.  They will enroll 200 inpatients admitted following a suicide attempt. Participants will be randomly assigned to receive either CBT or Treatment as Usual. They will follow up with patients each month for 6 months after discharge. This study will be the first to establish an empirically-supported behavioral intervention for suicide prevention in suicidal inpatients and will be the foundation for future trials to accomplish dissemination and implementation of this treatment across health care systems. 

The Anxiety Disorders Center at the Institute of Living seeks to provide evidence-based psychological treatments to patients with a range of anxiety and mood disorders, and to conduct meaningful research on the nature and treatment of these disorders.  Under the direction of Dr. David Tolin, the Anxiety Disorders Center has been one of the Institute of Living’s centers of excellence for nearly 20 years.

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