Information for Research Participants

Study Volunteer Opportunities

Hartford HealthCare is currently conducting research studies with human subject volunteers. There are two basic types of human subject volunteer studies:

  • Clinical trials testing treatments for specific illnesses or diseases
  • Healthy volunteer studies

For current or past research participants - please click here to provide feedback about your research participation experience

Clinical Trial Volunteers

Clinical trials are studies that are looking for better ways to treat diseases or medical conditions. A clinical trial may also be studying ways to better prevent or diagnosis a disease or condition. New medications and medical devices must be tested in clinical trials before they are approved and put on the market. These types of studies require human subjects, often patients with the disease or condition being studied. For a more detailed introduction to clinical trials, please visit Learn About Clinical Studies at:

Healthy Volunteers

Some human subject studies need “healthy volunteers” to serve as study subjects to test a new drug, device, or intervention technique. Healthy volunteers are individuals without any known serious health problems. Healthy volunteer studies are important for learning new information, and may not provide any direct benefit to participants, but the results could help others in the future.  

Agreeing to take part in research is your decision. Before agreeing to participate, all of your questions should be answered. You should know:

  • Exactly what will happen as part of the research, including whether you
  • might have any unpleasant side effects
  • Whether you can leave the study at any time
  • What other options there are
  • If the research will help you personally
  • If there will be any costs to you personally

If you agree to be in a study, the research team will ask you to sign some forms.  One may be a HIPAA authorization form. This form may ask you to give permission for your health care providers to give your personal health information to the researchers, and might also ask your permission for the researchers to share the information with others as part of the research. For more details about this authorization and the type of information that may be requested, go to:

Click here to view The Belmont Report, which is used as the guide to ethical principles for all human subject research, and the basic federal guidelines that govern research can be found at: 45 CFR 46.

Click here to view a Glossary of Terms commonly used in research

Click here to view a list of Research Participant Rights & Responsibilities

Would you like to learn more?

The following links will direct you to websites with additional information about participating in clinical trials.

Other Questions or Concerns?

You, your family members, and anyone else who has questions or concerns about participation in research may also call Cherie Bilbie, Director of the Human Research Protections Program, at (860) 972-0088 or email her at

Clinical Trial Opportunities at Hartford HealthCare is a current listing of active clinical trials at Hartford HealthCare. For more information, click here.

Healthy Volunteer Opportunities at Hartford HealthCare

If you are interested in participating in research as a healthy volunteer, click here for a current listing of active clinical trials at Hartford HealthCare to see which studies are recruiting.