Nursing Research, Quality Improvement, and Evidence-Based Practice


Hartford HealthCare Nursing Staff Members and Graduate Students:

Interested in Conducting and Documenting Evidence-Based Nursing Practice, a Quality Improvement Project, or Research?

This page is for you!

Step-by-Step Endorsement Process for Nursing Projects for students and HHC employees seeking to conduct research, EBP, or quality improvement (QI) projects.

All projects require documented HHC and, where appropriate, academic approval.



Consider Data Needed for Your Project

Are you using HHC data? Do you know where you will find them? How you will access them?

Consider these questions as you begin your project. Consult with the appropriate data manager or identified delegate if you will need record data (i.e., NSQIP, Tumor Registry, etc.) for your project.

NB: The work of the individual providing data must receive formal recognition in all related publications and presentations. Data use approval DOES NOT imply project approval.

NB: You CANNOT access any chart data without formal IRB approval.

Proceed to STEP 2 to begin your project.

Complete and Submit a Letter of Intent with Data Summary

Complete and submit the fillable form attached (Letter of Intent with Data Summary) for submission to the Nursing Evidence-Based Practice Council, anticipating notification of a date for presenting your project


Download the Letter of Intent with Data Summary

Send your completed form to Label it as (Last Name) LOI (Date). You will receive e-mail notification of a date for your presentation from Nursing Evidence-Based Practice Council.

Proceed to STEP 3

Present at Nursing Evidence-Based Practice Council

Once assigned a presentation date and time, prepare for your presentation, to include:

A. a 5-minute slide presentation;

B. your invitation to your department manager and, if you are a student, your faculty mentor;

C. ability to address questions asked in response to your presentation.

See the Letter of Intent regarding these three presentation points.

Proceed to STEP 4

Await Determination Letter

Following your presentation, the Nursing Evidence-Based Practice Council will notify you by e-mail of endorsement of your project, suggesting its status as an academic project, quality improvement, or research.

Proceed to STEP 5


Your Determination Letter from Nursing Evidence-Based Practice Council will provide specific directions for completing appropriate next steps.

Proceed to STEP 6

Begin & Complete Project

You can now begin and complete your project as approved.

Proceed to STEP 7

Final Presentation to Leadership

Submit an e-mail request to to request a date and time to present your project findings. Invite your unit manager and, as appropriate, your academic mentor.