Types of Gifts

Your donation will help Hartford HealthCare sustain our work of providing expert and compassionate care to patients and their families in times of great need.


There are a multitude of wonderful and easy ways to support Hartford HealthCare:

Online Gift

Generously donate online and help Hartford HealthCare continue to be a leader in healthcare, one that puts patients and quality first.

Annual Campaign

The generosity of individuals each year sustains the Hartford HealthCare's margin of excellence. Your gifts support extraordinary opportunities and have both immediate and long lasting on the patients, our network, and the community.

Stocks & Securities

Many donors find it advantageous, from a tax standpoint, to make outright gifts of securities that have increased in value since purchase.

Matching Gifts

Financial support is provided by companies through employee matching gift programs. These companies match their employees' donations to nonprofit organizations, enabling their employees to multiply their support by doubling, or in some cases tripling employee gifts.

Real Estate & Other Tangible Property

As with gifts of long-term capital gain securities, a donor is entitled to a charitable deduction for gifts of personal property within long-term capital gains, such as real estate, works of art, antiques and other tangible personal property.

Wills & Bequests

A bequest of a specific amount or a percentage of the residue of your estate allows you the flexibility of supporting the future of our hospital while ensuring the ultimate care of loved ones.

Charitable Gift Annuities

Hartford HealthCare offers charitable gift annuities that provide lifelong payments with an attractive return rate for one or two lives.

Gifts of Insurance

Individuals may make a planned gift through a gift of life insurance. If HCC is both the owner and the beneficiary and the gift is irrevocable, the premiums are tax-deductible.

Charitable Remainder Trust

Donors may transfer assets in the form of cash, securities or property to a trust, naming a trustee to manage the assets and make distribution in accordance with the wishes of the donor as expressed by the terms of the trust. 


We accept gifts-in-kind (non-cash items) when they are appropriate for programs in the hospital.

Endowed Named Funds

Donors who wish to make a major gift of $25,000 or more may establish an endowed named fund that will generate funds into perpetuity. These funds may be used to support the hospital's general purposes and mission, or may be designated for a specific purpose or area within the hospital.