Planned Giving

Personal legacies that keep Hartford HealthCare and our patients sound for years to come.


Our tradition of excellence has been strengthened over time by the thoughtful planning of ordinary and extraordinary citizens who saw an opportunity to include charitable gift planning arrangements in their wills, trusts, and other planning documents that all prudent people have to deal with at some point in their lives.

How often have you thought about how you might want to strengthen, change, or improve on something in the future—if only you had the resources? And how can you shape that charitable outcome, not only for the good of Hartford HealthCare’s mission, but also for the benefit of yourself and your family?

What resources might you be able to use, and what practical steps would need to be taken? And what are some of the available gift planning techniques—or “vehicles”—that will help you ensure the best possible charitable outcome?

If any of the hospitals, service providers, physicians, nurses, or staff members who represent the Hartford HealthCare network have put more life into your life, there are simple steps that you can take now that can help them do more of the same, or even better, for people like you, and others in the communities we serve.

To learn more about planning a gift to Hartford HealthCare, please contact Lynn Rossini, vice president of philanthropy, at 860.972.2162 or, or visit