For Providers

At the Ayer Neuroscience Institute spine care department, we pride ourselves on the welcoming and collaborative culture with new medical professionals, students and partnerships with referring providers.

We offer a variety of resources and educational opportunities to benefit practitioners at all stages, from student to experienced, because we believe that lifelong learners provide the best possible care for patients and bring the most value to collaboration. We value every voice, bringing our patient care plans to clinical review meetings in search of innovative suggestions and out-of-the-box thinking.

For Referrals:

Please send the most recent medical records including imaging for the patient. Please be sure to indicate the diagnosis for referral.

Hartford HealthCare Providers:
Please send an electronic referral through Epic and include the department name.

For External Providers:
Please fax the referral to the provider’s location.

The Ayer Neuroscience Institute

The Ayer Neuroscience Institute works to treat the full range of neurologic conditions. Our mission is more personal - to provide advanced, collaborative services across the state.

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