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The Hartford HealthCare Community Pharmacy Program was designed to fully integrate with a patient’s clinical care team. Our condition-specific pharmacy experts work alongside providers to develop each patient’s personalized care plan.

We ensure your patients receive their medications in a timely fashion and provide the necessary education to meet their needs. Additionally, our expert staff can assist your patients with:

  • Completing prior authorizations.
  • Verifying insurance coverage.
  • Identifying opportunities for financial assistance including manufacturer programs, foundations, trusts, and state-specific programs.

Medication Adherence

We know that medication adherence is essential for the best possible treatment outcomes. In coordination with the patient and provider, we focus on:

Patient-Centered Medication Adherence

  • Focused patient education
  • Ongoing patient adherence assessments and monitoring
  • Inclusion of medication adherence in patients overall care plan

Disease State Therapy Programs

  • Complete integration of pharmacy staff on patient care teams
  • Real-time two way access to vital patient information
  • Seamless communication between pharmacy staff and healthcare providers
  • Documenting our efforts in the clinician’s electronic medical record

Data-Driven Approach

  • Connected to hospital IT systems
  • Specialized IT systems designed to support therapy management
  • Analytics to support medication adherence efforts

Refer A Patient

To refer a patient, please contact us at 1.844.972.7070.



Specialty Pharmacy Program

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