The Headache Center specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of many types of headaches. We understand that every person suffering from headache is unique, which is why we offer unique expertise.

Our Mission: The Hartford HealthCare (HHC) Headache Center is dedicated to excellence in the diagnosis and treatment of people with headache disorders, to advancing current knowledge of headache through research and to moving scientific advances into clinical practice. We aspire to help our patients minimize their pain and optimize their ability to function in a patient-centered environment.


Service Locations

As the only comprehensive Center of its kind in the region, we connect the world’s most advanced technology and the most current treatment options to give patients relief and/or freedom from the debilitating pain of headache.

Our Team

Meet our Medical Director, Brian M. Grosberg, MD, and the rest of his team.

Conditions & Treatments

At the Hartford HealthCare Headache Center, we are devoted to a comprehensive approach to diagnosing and treating patients with head pain.

Departments & Services

Whether you experience a headache attack once a month or on a daily basis, we provide a thorough assessment for all individuals looking for relief from headache pain. Our team then develops individualized treatment plans consisting of various options for headache management.

Patient Stories

Judy Abrams suffered from debilitating headaches for years, until she met Dr. Brian Grosberg, current director of the new Hartford HealthCare Headache Center. See how his personalized approach and treatment plan gave Judy her life back.

For New Patients

As part of your first visit to the Hartford HealthCare Headache Center, we require that you provide certain information to us prior to the date of your appointment.

Programs & Classes

Learn about upcoming community education events sponsored by the Headache Center.

Research & Clinical Trials

Learn about clinical trials being conducted by the Headache Center.

In The News

Local news coverage of the Headache Center.

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