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When head pain gets too frequent, intense or disruptive to your life, Ayer Neuroscience Institute Headache Center experts can help.

The primary provider of headache care in the state, we draw on rich roots in research developed through collaboration with the former international leader in the field, and collaborate with experts in rehabilitation, behavioral health, and nutrition. This broad view of your unique headache struggle helps us minimize your pain and maximize your ability to enjoy your life.

Our Mission

The Headache Center is dedicated to excellence in the diagnosis and treatment of people with headache disorders, to advancing current knowledge of headache through research and to moving scientific advances into clinical practice.

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Information on referring a patient to the Headache Center and fellowships.

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For Patients

We are here to help you find relief from headache and the support you need.

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Our research focuses on finding causes and improving treatment of migraine and headache.

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Treatment of migraines while pregnant - Dr. Brian Grosberg

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