Physical Therapists

Many people suffering from headache and migraine often experience neck pain, tension and stiffness.

Muscles in the neck tighten from overuse, staying in the same position too long (like sitting at a computer), previous injury or trauma. Tense, tight muscles in the neck can cause referred pain to the head or face, and can further complicate or trigger headache.

Meet our Physical Therapists:

Danielle Messier
Danielle Messier, MSPT, DPT, Cert MDT
Headache Program Lead

Elizabeth AmorosoElizabeth Amoroso, DPT

David BrownDavid Brown, PT, MHS

Sarah BozzutoSarah Bozzuto, PT, DPT, CMP

Carolyn Byron, PT

Adam Chenette, PTAdam Chenette, PT

Michelle CarliMichelle Carli, PT

Robert DuboisRobert Dubois, MSPT

Bill DresserBill Dresser, PT

Misty DurkeeMisty Durkee, MSPT

Christine Elci, PT

Geooff FabryGeoff Fabry, PT

Daniel FisherDaniel Fisher, PT, MS, OCS, CMP

Joe Grabicki, PTJoseph Grabicki, DPT, OCS

Aida GallagherAida Gallagher, PT

Ian HazeltonIan Hazelton, MSPT, OCS, ATC, CSCS, Cert. MDT

Bill IovannaBill Iovanna, MSPT

Brian McLellanBrian McLellan, PT

Patrick McCrystalPatrick McCrystal, PT

Kyle Petruzzello, PTKyle Petruzzello, PT

Michel PerinMichael Perin, DPT, OCS, cert. MD

Thomas Pare, CST

Elizabeth RobitailleElizabeth Robitaille, PT, DPT

Ray ShawRay Shaw, PT, MS, OCS

Selinda ShephardSelinda Shepherd, PT

Ben SemaitisBen Simaitis, PT, DPT, OCS

Keith Stark, PT

Allison Wiernasz, PT

Greg ZimbelmanGreg Zimbelman, PT, MS, OCS

Kelly ZiogasKelly Ziogas, PT


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