Current Participant Program Changes

Adding New Hires (i.e., New Providers) to the Program

New hires to a practice currently in the Hartford HealthCare Independent Physician Program can complete the application below to be included in the Program. Please send completed applications and five year loss history  to for review. 

Independent Physician Application

Advanced Practicing Provider /
Physician Extender Application (PA's, APRN's, etc.)

Changes in Coverage Limits

Request for changes in coverage limits can only be completed at the time of renewal. Please indicate the desired limit amount in the renewal application at that time. 

Changes in Employment Status

Please notify your practice group manager or of any changes in employment status (i.e. full time to part time, leave of absence, etc.).

Locum Tenens Coverage

Locum Tenens insurance coverage is provided free of charge by endorsement for a physician substituting for a current insured to cover professional services rendered on the insured’s behalf, for up to 90 days in a policy year. Please submit your request to Sharon Daust at

Increasing Cyber Insurance Coverage

Your policy automatically provides you with $50,000 in cyber coverage to each insured physician in the practice. To submit a question or application for higher limits (excess of the $50,000), please email:

Application to Request Additional Cyber Coverage

Terminating Employees

Physicians or Advanced Practicing Professionals who are leaving a practice in the Independent Physician Program can send an email request for terminating coverage to the practice group manager or Sharon Daust at

Contact HHCISL

Coverage Questions

Sharon Daust-Deleeuw
Marsh Senior Vice President, HealthCare Practice

Mike Kane
HHC Director of Insurance & Risk Financing
Office: 860.545.4841
Mobile: 860.227.4052

Medical Malpractice or Tail Insurance Quotes for Independent Physicians

Sharon Daust-Deleeuw
Marsh Senior Vice President, HealthCare Practice

More Information

To Report an Incident or Something That Could Result in a Claim or Lawsuit

Risk Management
Barbara (Bobbi) Dunham

To Report a Medical Malpractice Claim or Lawsuit

Report a Medical Malpractice Claim / Lawsuit

If you encounter any issues with the link, you may use the following email to report any claim or suit:

For Additional Information Regarding Medical Malpractice/Lawsuits, Please Contact:

Chris Maiello
Associate General Counsel
Office: 860.545.3336
Mobile: 860.936.2053