About the Well-Being Department

At Hartford HealthCare we are committed to improving and enhancing the well-being of our 33,000 colleagues with a vision “to create an exceptional healthcare workplace by advancing the well-being of all who care for others”.

Hartford HealthCare’s longstanding commitment to clinical excellence, education, and research sets the stage for the innovation needed to drive well-being transformation. In order to continue to excel, colleagues must flourish, both physically and mentally, be able to find joy and meaning in their work, and view the organization as a partner in promoting well-being.

What do we mean by all who care for others?

We at Hartford HealthCare all care for each other, our patients, and our families.

Advancing workplace well-being is essential for improving the way in which we deliver care. By improving colleague fulfillment and sense of meaning in work, we improve our patient satisfaction, engagement, and alignment.

The Well-Being Department

We are focused on developing and implementing organizational strategy to systematically and measurably improve well-being for all of our colleagues.

Our Model

Well-being is at the core of how we work and improves our ability to do the kind, just, best, right, safe, and equitable thing.

Hartford HealthCare’s Well-Being Operating Model,* consists of three drivers that have a reciprocal relationship to promote fulfillment in work.

Culture of Well-being refers to our shared values, H3W leadership behaviors, and qualities that prioritize personal and professional growth. A culture of well-being supports and drives diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging and creates an environment where our colleagues feel physically and emotionally safe.

Workplace Efficiency & Safety refers to our systems, processes, practices, and policies that promote physical safety, quality, and effectiveness.

Resilience refers to the organizational and individual skills, behaviors, and attitudes that contribute to physical, emotional, and professional Well-being.

Adapted from the Stanford WellMD model with permission

Well-Being at Hartford HealthCare