Good for You, Connecticut!


We vaccinated. Masked up. We kept our COVID numbers down.

Get Your Flu Shot
Now, we need to get our flu shots.

It’s not just good for you — it’s good for all of us, staying safe and healthy during this pandemic.

And it’s easy:
Good 4 U

Hartford HealthCare Medical Group has vaccines available in all primary care offices across the state — including high-dose vaccines for seniors. Call your doctor’s office to schedule a flu shot.

Good 4 U

Hartford HealthCare GoHealth Urgent Care centers have convenient locations - find the one closest to you to get your vaccine. Click here for other Hartford HealthCare Urgent Care/Walk-In locations.

Good 4 U

For Hartford HealthCare colleagues, ensuring the safety or our patients, communities, families and each other is up to all of us. Learn more about Hartford HealthCare’s Universal Influenza Prevention Program at