Research Study Volunteers Needed!

May 17, 2017

Dr. Taylor from Hartford Hospital, Dr. Pescatello from the UConn Department of Kinesiology and Dr. Puhl from the UConn Rudd Center are conducting a research study to compare the effects of a short-term encounter to media videos on measures of mental and physical heart health in women. 

Eligibility for the study requires premenopausal women who are between the ages 20 and 50, and do not use tobacco products. 

The 2-week study requires three visits to the University of Connecticut or Hartford Hospital for 1) viewing of short media videos; 2) questionnaires on mental and physical heart health; 3) blood pressure and heart rate readings; and 4) blood samples and saliva swabs.Participants who complete the study will be compensated $200 and will receive information on their heart health.

Please call Greg Panza for more information at 860.972.1507 or email