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You’ve tried every diet, every exercise program and every combination in between. Nothing works. Now you know: Obesity, which affects close to 100 million Americans, is not always a question of diet and exercise. It’s a complex formula that can include an abnormality in your appetite-regulating hormones or the part of the brain that processes bodily and environmental signals related to eating. Sometimes, weight loss surgery and a follow-up program are your best hope for maintaining a healthy body weight and an active lifestyle.

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Why Weight Loss Surgery?

Your Health: Control, or cure, of obesity-related diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, infertility, breathing problems and sleep apnea.

Your Quality of Life: More adventurous physical activity like hiking, skiing or sailing. Playing sports with your kids instead of just watching them play. A new wardrobe. A more active social life. Make your own list . . . it’s your new life.

Is It Right For You?

You might be a candidate for weight loss surgery if you:

• Have a Body Mass Index 40 or greater.
Are more than 40-60 pounds overweight.
 Are worried about a family history of obesity.
Are not able to walk or easily perform everyday activities as a result of your weight.
Have a Body Mass Index 35 or greater with a major health issue such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or sleep apnea.

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