Q: Are the Centers for Surgical Weight Loss accredited?

MBSAQIP LogoA: The Centers for Surgical Weight Loss at Hartford Hospital and MidState Medical Center are accredited by the Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Accreditation and Quality Improvement Program (MBSAQIP). This is a joint program with the American College of Surgeons (ACS) and the American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS), designed to achieve national standards in patient safety and quality outcomes for bariatric surgery centers. The accreditation followed a rigorous evaluation that documents excellence in safe surgical care and quality outcomes, with a focus on long-term results. The MBSAQIP award comes from the largest organization of bariatric surgeons in the world. Bariatric surgery accreditation not only promotes uniform standard benchmarks, but also supports continuous quality improvement.

Q: What is offered at each center location?

A: Surgery is performed at Hartford Hospital and MidState Medical Center. Patients will be seen locally by bariatric surgeons at one of our locations, which are fully supported by physicians, nurses, medical assistants, mid-level practitioners and administrative staff.

Q: I have a patient interested in bariatric surgery. What are the next steps?

A: All potential bariatric surgery patients are required to attend an information session held several times monthly. Patients can call to register for a session at 1.866.668.5070. Sessions are held throughout Hartford County, including Bristol, Hartford, Enfield, Farmington, Glastonbury, Meriden, South Windsor, and West Hartford.

The next step, at a later date, is a patient consult with a bariatric surgeon to be followed by preoperative consultations for surgery clearance. We accept all insurances, though not all insurance policies carry the bariatric surgery rider.

Q: What bariatric surgical procedures are performed at the Hartford HealthCare Centers for Surgical Weight Loss?

A: At Hartford Hospital, Drs. Pavlos Papasavas and Darren Tishler offer adjustable band, gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy. At MidState Medical Center, gastric bypass and gastric sleeve are performed by Drs. Aziz Benbrahim, Edward Hannoush and Nicholas Verdura. For appropriate candidates, Dr. Hannoush offers adjustable gastric banding.

Q: Who conducts a patient’s pre-surgery consultations?

A: Patients are encouraged to complete pre-surgery consultations with their local providers, whether through a Hartford HealthCare Medical Group physician or their private physician.

Q: What is the role of the Hartford HealthCare Centers for Surgical Weight Loss patient navigator and what is post-surgery follow-up?

A: The patient navigator follows a surgical patient’s preoperative progress. Patients then follow up with the bariatric surgeon routinely one to two weeks, two to three months, six months and annually after surgery. Patients may have additional appointments, if needed.

Q: As the primary care or referring provider, what follow-up communication can I expect?

A: We send a copy of the office consultation and any follow-up visits to the referring or primary care physician.

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