Meet the Senior Executive Preceptor

Wendy Elberth, MBA, OTRL

Senior Vice President, Ayer Neuroscience Institute, Hartford HealthCare

Wendy Elberth earned the 2013 Preceptor of the Year Award for Health Services Management and Leadership from The George Washington University. She has served as the preceptor and primary professional mentor for 10 administrative fellows over eight years. Wendy brings a tremendous amount of institutional knowledge to the Fellowship Program, having served more than 30 years at Hartford HealthCare. She has a natural ability for recognizing each fellow’s own unique leadership potential, coaching for results, and positioning the fellow for success.


My relationship with Wendy Elberth is built on trust and transparency. I have the opportunity to meet with her for a dedicated hour every week to discuss the projects I am working on and use the time to learn from her. I know that if I run into barriers on the work I am doing, Wendy will use the opportunity to coach me through the challenge. Wendy puts in the time to shape the fellowship experience to my interests and helps fill in any gaps I may have in my experiential learning.

- Sana Merchant
Adminstrative Fellow
Ayer Neuroscience Institute



Wendy is a Senior Vice President at Hartford HealthCare, yet she consistently met with me for at least one hour every week. I am lucky to have had such a wonderful preceptor. The best way to describe Wendy is as a coach. She always had my best interests at heart and strategically and consistently created exceptional learning opportunities. She fostered a safe learning environment and was committed to helping me grow as both a person and a professional. Typically, after my one-on-one meetings with Wendy, no matter how well I thought I was doing, I left with a desire to elevate my performance.

- Colin McMillan
System Integration Manager
Ayer Neuroscience Institute


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