Apply To The Ayer Administrative Fellowship Program

Step 1: Download the application information for the Ayer Neuroscience Institute Fellowship

Application Information Download

Step 2: Candidates must complete an application packet, including:

  • Resume

  • Two (2) letters of recommendation (one graduate faculty and one professional)

  • Official graduate school transcript

  • A one-page narrative/personal statement, discussing:

    1. Applicant’s interest in hospital administration

    2. Career objectives

    3. Reason for seeking an administrative fellowship

    4. Explanation of desire to work at Hartford HealthCare

Step 3: Application Submission

  • Mail or Email completed information no later than September 18, 2020 to:

Hartford Hospital
Administrative Fellowship Program Director
Attn: Wendy Elberth, Senior Vice President, Hartford HealthCare Ayer Neuroscience Institute
Hartford Hospital
80 Seymour Street
Hartford, CT 06102 

Contact Information

  • If you have additional questions, or would like to learn more about the fellowship, please contact one of the following.